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2 Easy Steps to ALWAYS Go Viral – How to Make Viral Ads, Viral Content and Viral Marketing Videos

2 Easy Steps to ALWAYS Go Viral – How to Make Viral Ads, Viral Content and Viral Marketing Videos

2 Easy Steps to ALWAYS Go Viral - How to Make Viral Ads, Viral Content and Viral Marketing Videos

2 Easy Steps to ALWAYS Go Viral – How to Make Viral Ads, Viral Content and Viral Marketing Videos
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Wouldn’t it suck to write content that no one wants to read? Maybe you started a new YouTube channel, but nobody is watching.

Well, now you won’t have to worry about that. Here’s how to make your content, ads, videos and marketing go viral each and every time:

Step 1: Go to Google Trends to see what’s popular. On their homepage it will show what’s going viral right now. If you write content that is just starting to go viral, you’ll be able to ride that wave and increase the chances of your content going viral too.

Step 2: Go to Buzzsumo and type in keywords within your space. You’ll see the most popular content within your space that went viral. Take the top viral pieces and write more detailed version than what worked in the past on Buzzsumo.

For example, if someone wrote “10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”, you would want to write “101 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy”.

Once you have written your viral blog post, hit up all of the people that shared the other similar articles on Buzzsumo and ask them to share your content. Buzzsumo will break down each person who shared it so you will know who to contact.

By doing this more people will be sharing your content and it will always go viral.

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3 Proven Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos Go VIRAL

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Imagine if there were just a few simple steps that, when followed, would produce a video that went viral within hours, guaranteed.

We’ve all seen examples of videos that went viral. Think about Gangnam Style by Psy, which was the most played video on YouTube from its production in 2012 until just last year. Currently, the viral video has over 3 billion views.

How To Make A Video Go Viral Tip #1: Emotional Sharpness

If your video is emotionally dull, you won’t evoke a response in viewers. They’ll probably stop watching your video, and quickly forget the message you were trying to communicate.

On the other hand, emotionally sharp videos are the ones that are getting promoted more and more on YouTube. These are the videos that more viewers will see because YouTube is putting them in front of people.

So, how can viral video marketing actually help your brand?

Spice up your videos with emotional sharpness to avoid viewer indifference.

When people feel something after watching your videos, they’ll have an emotional response to your brand. And, according to HubSpot, 83% of those that enjoy your viral video marketing will consider sharing it with their friends!

For you, that means an even greater audience and a higher ROI!

How To Make A Video Go Viral Tip #2: Evoke Emotion

Above, we mentioned how important emotional sharpness is in a viral video marketing strategy, and we even saw some examples of videos that produce emotion in viewers.

Whether you’re making your audiences laugh or cry, evoking emotion will help them remember you, and will draw them to your brand even more.

How To Make A Video Go Viral Tip #3: Emotion Is What Matters, Hit The Ground Running

While determining the best length for your video may depend on the platform you’re using, one thing is clear: you have seconds to capture people’s attention.

If your video doesn’t start with a clear objective, show the benefit viewers will receive by watching, or entertain in some way within the first few seconds, people will lose interest.

So, hit the ground running with your videos!

While there is no secret recipe to viral video marketing, following the above steps will surely bring your videos into the spotlight and help your brand accomplish its goals. If your videos strike a chord with viewers, you’ll definitely be on the right track.

So, what else can your brand do to improve its video marketing strategy? How do you create videos that people really care about, and how do you measure the success each video has?

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Put this advice into action, and you’ll be seeing real results from your video marketing in no time!