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25 Rare 1980s Doordasrhan Commercials | Vintage Old TV Ads | Rasna | Vicks | Godrej

25 Rare 1980s Doordasrhan Commercials | Vintage Old TV Ads | Rasna | Vicks | Godrej

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This Doordarshan ads video is a compilation of 25 nostalgic ads from 80s and 90s. It has particularly some rare and unseen 80s tv ads which are great but miss the list of DD doordarshan old t.v ads. use these time-stamps to navigate the Top 25 list:
00:00 Saridon ad | 00:52 Vicks Ad Old
01:25 Godrej Storwel TV Ad | 01:52 Rasna Ad
02:23 G – Bollywood magazine | 02:33 5 Star Old Ad
02:55 Old Frooti Ad | 03:14 Woodwards Gripe Water
03:50 Dabur Lal Dant Manjan | 04:56 Eggs Advertisement
05:16 Titan watches | 05:44 Pop Ups 90s Snacks
06:16 Volfarm Ketchup Advertisement | 06:55 Britannia Good Day
07:27 Helmet Road Safety Campaign | 08:07 Margo Soap Ad
08:48 Evita Beauty Soap TVC | 09:18 Monaco Biscuit Ad
09:38 Tinplate Advertisement | 10:10 Mama Volita Jelly and Custard
11:13 Champs School Shoes 80s Ad | 11:38 Glucon C Doordarshan Ad
12:46 Eggs 90s ads Hindi | 13:21 Atlas Cycle 80s tv ad
13:52 Active 25 ad feat PT Usha | 14:14 Coldarin t.v ad

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Old Amul Butter Ad: https://youtu.be/QRg6oNpvTXA

Top 10 Television ads that were too explicit for tv broadcast and got banned!
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Commercials are the basic form of advertising. We have been subjected to them since the television first came into our homes in black and white. They have evolved from annoying short ads to full out stories being told in one minute or less. Commercials can make or break a company and product, so executives have to make sure that what is broadcasted on television is a good representation and sells. Thanks to DVR and cable boxes like TiVo, people can now fast forward through commercials, much to the dislike of major brands. But then during major sporting events like the Super Bowl, companies pay top dollar to produce a major commercial that is memorable. This has resulted in people watching the Super Bowl not only for the game, but also for the commercials.
Commercials still stand as one of the most powerful tools in wide brand marketing and reaching out to society. And they continue to get more elaborate and creative each day.
But sometimes, writers, directors, and executives take an idea too far. The result is a commercial that causes an uprising of concerned parents, citizens, etc. and the company that produced the commercial ends up getting banned. Money and time is wasted, and the creator types have to go back to the drawing board. But lucky for us, many of these commercials have found a second life online. Here are some favorites that were banned from television, whether they were too sexy, offensive, or whatever else under the sun that made it so it couldn’t be on the mainstream television waves.

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