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30 Day Video Marketing Course

30 Day Video Marketing Course

Visual Stars: The Video Marketing Course

Visual Stars is the video marketing course that will take your skills to stratospheric heights!

We’ve built this course to show you how to use your smartphone to get stunning results that really work to have useful conversations with your audience.

This is a collaboration brought to you by Hypestar & Visual Punch that will help you plan, create and promote Live video to grow your business online.

👉 https://www.hypestar.uk/workshops/visual-stars 👈

Throughout the programme, we’re teaching you –

– Equipment you can use to get better results
– How to get the best audio
– The importance of developing an on-screen persona
– The right setting for your videos

and loads more!

The first lessons are delivered remotely via video – so you can do these in the comfort of your own home or office, then we bring you together with all the other folks on the course on July 10th for a big practical seminar on July 10th.

We’ve also got amazing prizes for folks on the Visual Stars programme too – so we can’t wait to see you on the course. Grab your ticket now and start learning these lessons via the videos we’ll send you AND get ready for July 10th for the one-day practical session!

👉 https://www.hypestar.uk/workshops/visual-stars 👈