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5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs

5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs: http://www.jameswedmore.com/ytmktgm01/
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Whether you’re doing your first or one hundred and first video, coming up with content can be tricky. In this video, I show you the FIVE types of YouTube Videos you’ll need to on your channel in order to be successful and see results!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Video #1: The YouTube Trailer Video
This is a must. In order to get new subscribers and welcome people to your channel, simply make a short video telling everyone what you’re all about! This video will be featured front and center on your Channel Home Page.

Video #2: The Stats Video
A Stats Video is emotional video that combines music and text that share statistics about your industry!

Video #3: The Customer Success Story
Why not showcase your best customers through video! The secret is to capture the story (the before and after) of your students and customers!

Video #4: The Q & A Video
We are on the Internet looking for answers…so give them! Answering the questions that your students have, is the easiest way to come up with endless content!

Video #5: The Tutorial Video
Video is extremely visual. If I want to know how to tie a tie, or bake a cake, I’m looking for a YouTube Video…create visual tutorials of the tasks and jobs that your audience needs hand holding for!

That’s it! Now, go out and make a video!! 🙂

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5 Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs:

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