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Any video format to any video format

FLV files or the Flash Video files are getting more popular day by day. Its popularity is mainly due to its structure and small size which makes it perfect for posting video online, making online banner out of it, web presentation etc. It is considered a Streaming video file. To view videos with other video format you will have to wait for the whole video to be streamed to your computer first. After that you can start playback to see the whole video. But with the FLV file you do not have to wait. It comes in chunks. So, you can as soon the chunk is streamed to your computer you will be able to view it. Due to the browser plug in for the flash player which is required to view the FLV files, FLV files can be viewed by almost all web visitors.

Well, these advantages are making websites to use FLV file more and more. But problems occur because most software do not recognize FLV file format. Therefore you cannot edit it in most of the software despite its advantages. So whenever you need to edit a FLV file you will have to convert it to other video file formats that you can use.

To convert FLV files to other files (for example, converting flv to mp4) you can use converters. Many converters are available online. Some of them are free of cost. Such a converter is Free FLV converter. Currently its version 7.00 is available.

The software is a  flv to mp4 converter, AVI, iPhone, iPod, 3GP or PSP format and vice versa. A good feature of this software is that you do not need to search for your desired FLV files on the Internet by yourself. It means you do not have to go to a website and search for the video. All you have to do is open the program and write the title of the name on the search box. The software will find it for you and download it for you. You can sort through videos by many options such as name, site, description, date it was added or viewed and its duration. These options come in handy when you are dealing with a good number of videos.

But this software has several problems. It has a number of websites attached to it and many are adult websites. Problem is you cannot add new websites or remove old ones. Again there are very few options to choose from. Program translation is not good either. The user reviews show that though it says its free, you have to pay to use most of its options. Some complained that it does not download, does not allow batch download though it says it does etc. And a big problem is that it does not support Mac. So Mac users cannot use this software.

Now this software is obviously not the only one available on the Internet so you can find others but you may find the same disappointment. In the mean while your valuable time will be lost. And finding a good FLV to MP4 Converter Mac is also problematic. So instead of trial and error you can use already proven good software. Well, it is not free but you can download the trial version to see how it works. It supports wide varieties of video formats and also let you edit videos. You can find it on the following address: http://www.wondershare.com/mpeg/convert-flv-to-mp4.html

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