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Are Street Fighting Clips A Good Idea?

Street fighting clips are plastered adequately over many websites, attracting the viewers with eye-catching titles and pictures. Many are not worth looking, quite hilarious and at times very offending too and yes, sometimes there are complaints about the free display of ugly street fights which are graphic and misleading. Anyhow not every viewer thinks so and they enjoy watching fighters and laymen slugging out in the streets and it’s a great entertainment for them.

Most of the street fighting clips are real ones, showing real emotions of pain, anger, competition as well and portray the way some people manage their anger. Anyways, those in favor of street fighting clips opine that it gives them the opportunity to watch real brawls from the safe distance of their room and that it’s really an entertainment for them. Much better than movies! In fact one martial art instructor opines that the hundreds of fight clips posted on websites are great for real, professional fighters, claiming that it teaches students the realities of combat. Not only this, many real-life street fighting technique clips are available teaching viewers how to safe guard against street attacks, how best to get out of unnecessary street fights, how to win the fights and such which are actually quite helpful for many. Real street fighting clips are used to instruct viewers as well as the students what needs to be done if one were in such a situation. As such the street fighting clippings will then be really beneficial as one never know what tomorrow lies; what if you get into a fight outside your office. Do you simply want to scratch and grovel on the foot path or apply the tactics that ones see on the clips? In matters like this, the street fighting clips seems quite favorable.

But then what about all those funny as well as bloody street fight clippings? Especially the negative influence of these ugly clippings on youngsters is quite worrisome! In fact hundreds of these street fight clips involve young boys and girls, kicking and swearing vigorously, some are even bloody and so under the eyes of the cops. Kids actually crave for these rough clips, know exactly where the meanest fight footages are available and when the parents are content that they are busy researching for their school projects, the kids will be busy clicking swiftly searching for the latest street fight! Moreover many of the clippings on the websites are in fact caught live by teenagers and posted online involving kids fight outside school or in school buses, any fight they can get hold of. Well these kids are also caught by the cops through these clips, their fifteen minutes of fame becoming a nightmare instead. Thus not all street fighting clips are that worthy but then people seem to go after these clips quite a lot! The validity of the street fighting clips depends on the individual themselves.

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