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Avi Video Player For Nokia 5800

have this phone Nokia 5800 and i want to have some good Avi video player. AS i have most most of my video files in the Avi file format. I want to play these files on my phone as there are most of the application which can play these files. My friends they suggested me some of the player but i need some help in selecting a good avi player for my mobile phone. Please help me to find some of them.

Avi video player for Nokia 5800

You can have Smartmovie which is available on the most of the popular website which truley supports the .avi video file format. If you want then just go on the smartmovie official website and then just go in that and give yor phone model number in tat website, they will provide you the proper supported smartmovie player for your mobile phone. This phone supports sisx file and also it supports sis file whch makes easy to download.

If you want the proper player for your mobile phone then you can download “UCPlayer” which is a video player and it can play avi files and also all other video files formats. It is a free nokia video player application which is easily available and downloaded form the internet. It has the ability to play popular video formats like avi, mp4, wmv, flv, mkv, 3gp, and 3gpp format. In this player yuo can change the themes of this player.

i am using this player on my Nokia 5233 phone which is similar as the Nokia 5800 phone. This player is called “Coreplayer 1.36” which can be downloaded and installed on yourmobile phone for free and this application is greatly supported by Nokia 5800. With this player i haven’t faced any kind of problem as most of the other players are not compatible with the nokia 5800mobile phone.

Avi video player for Nokia 5800

The best thing is to go on the internet and from there you need to go on the google search, in the search box you need to type for theAvi video player for Nokia 5800. In the advance serch option you need to select option for the mobile phone. There will be most of the website which provides avi players for the Most of the popular Nokia phone, if you have any of them then if you face problem with the player then you need to wait for the proper suitable player.