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Benefits of a Digital Video Recorder

Has it ever occurred to you that there’s this television sitcom you’d want to watch, but unfortunately you are busy at that particular time slot?  Or you are interested in a TV series you but you want to view the whole series in one sitting and not on a one episode per week basis?  What about watching a television program without the commercials?  Admittedly, we have encountered these dilemmas or something similar to these.  With a digital video recorder, these issues can effectively be addressed.

The selling point of digital video recorder is that it allows the viewers to take control.  That means you get to watch what you want when you want to watch it.  Add to this is how you want to watch a particular television broadcast or cable program.  This means that you can set up the digital video recorder to document your favorite sitcom even when you’re not around, and view it when you have the opportunity.  Or you can program the gadget to record a whole TV series, which is broadcasted once every week.  When completed, you can watch the series in its totality in one long sitting.  And it is even possible to make adjustments in the digital video recorder such that advertisements are removed or skipped during playback.

Basically, a digital video recorder is a device that records audio and video transmissions into digital format, which is oftentimes MPEG-2 (although some newer models can also record and play H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2 as well as display JPEG and PNG images and play MP3 and Ogg music files).  Depending on the nature of the signal, the digital video recorder may either converted it to MPEG-2 (assuming that the data is analog) or the binary MPEG from digital transmissions can be copied directly.  These are stored in a hard drive for later decoding to analog for TV viewing.  Some newer models of a digital video recorder even have the option of recording in memory cards, which improves its usability because the storage capacity is not limited.

Digital video recorder will definitely favor those who want control over their TV broadcast or cable program viewing experience.  Although initially the use of these devices was tied to a video service, there are now PC (and Mac) add-ons which can turn your computer into a digital video recorder.  There are different hardware and software available for this purpose and they are specific software compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux OS.  Best of all, this computer-based digital video recorder set-up does not come with a service charges.

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