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Best Apps for Chrome OS

With the aim of building an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people, Google developed a forthcoming Linux operating system, based on Ubuntu and designed to work exclusively with web applications – The Google Chrome OS.


Since the release of Chrome Operating System, Google fans have been waiting so long for the add-ons and applications for Chrome OS.


Last month, Google has satisfied its loyal and eager fans by unveiling its Chrome OS store with over 500 web-based apps. Let\’s take a look at some of the best first ones.


The Gilt for Chrome

The Gilt  website is a familiar place for shopaholic, and now they can even experience a better shopping with the in-browser Gilt application. Much more discount for designer clothes are awaited.


The Gilt – an online shopping apps – is based on Gilt website (Price: Free)


Aviary Advanced Image Editor

What make this app become as appealing as Adobe Photoshop? It does not have as many features as Adobe of course, but it can be used for editing pictures, and much lighter to run. And what else, it is totally free.


A browser build in pictures editor application with full function and ram saving.


New York Times

The New York Times readers are able to enjoy their favorite newspaper, online or offline.


The app helps people to find the breaking news with 10 different ways to view content, like titles, columns and slideshows. (Price: Free)



The app allows you to access the most exciting digital comics program. With Graphic.ly\’s in-browser digital, reader now find a smooth reading experience with full-screen and zooming options.


Users are also able to access thousands of titles and commercial products with Graphic.ly


Price: Free registration; paid titles start at $ .99




Entanglement is a kind of classic Tetris – simple and enjoyable – which attracts gamers for decades. The most new and exciting function in this game is players can use the keyboard\’s scroll keys or mouse scroll wheel to rotate the board\’s tiles to create the longest line possible.


Entanglement is a new meditative puzzle game that challenges players to create the longest path possible. (Price: Free)


Slide Rocket

The Side Rocket will be one of the best in-browser presentation apps because of the excellent experience it brings to users. The app integrated with YouTube and Twitter runs on cloud based that enables real-time HD web meetings and file-sharing.


SlideRocket is provided in a software-as-a-service model in a variety of price points starting at free


Price: free for basic features; $ 24/ user/ month for off-line usage



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