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Best Content Marketing Examples – January 2016

Hello and welcome to Content Marketing Examples, bringing you the best creative ideas each month in under two minutes. So what’s been hot this January? Let’s take a look!

First is the unmissable campaign for Zoolander 2, which has really ramped up this past month. He’s made the cover of Vogue, Esquire, had a walk-off with Cara Delevingne and released the utterly ridiculous fragrance ad for “Zoolander No. 2”. Oh and a little cameo on Katy Perry’s instagram too He is everywhere at the moment.

Next is something from the world of VR, which is nothing new anymore, but this one’s special. To publicise the Disney and Dali exhibition in San Francisco, Dali’s famous Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus” has been brought to life in virtual reality. Accessible through Google Cardboard, or a 360 degree video on YouTube if you don’t have one, you can explore the iconic painting in 3D form, which is really impressive work.

Third, it’s Deadpool. Marvel’s favourite anti-hero. The hype around the his new movie has been huge, and capitalising on that for the greater good, they’ve had him promote self-checks for testicular cancer fittingly named “Touch Yourself Tonight” and delivered with trademark Deadpool cheek. It’s really worked too, getting a ton of press coverage and nearly 1.5million views to date.

Penultimately, it’s Stardust for Bowie. Following the music legend’s passing earlier in the month, StudioBrussel looked to the skies and outlined a star constellation in the shape of his iconic lightning bolt. Within it, people can pick a star and declare their favourite song, resulting in a nice list of the world’s favourite Bowie tracks. And, for the sceptical, it wasn’t an officially recognised constellation, as outlined by WIRED, but that doesn’t detract from what a great idea this was.

Lastly, it’s GoPro who teamed up with South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, challenging him to break their camera with one of his stingers. A great combination of showcasing the camera’s uses and its robustness in an entertaining form. And no, he couldn’t break it.

And that’s it for this month. Catch you next time!

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