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Best Content Marketing Examples – March 2017

Find your 2,000 year old doppelganger, art made from pollution and watching a house burn down. These were the best creative campaigns for March 2017…

Museum of Civilisation’s 2,000 year old Doppelganger –

Tiger Beer’s AirInk – http://bit.ly/2oP0gGb

New Zealand Fire Service’s Burning House – http://bit.ly/2pIIAsT

One Water’s Dirty Water: http://bit.ly/2oFP3aw

Hello and welcome to Content Marketing Examples for March 2017.

First we have a great campaign from the Museum of Civilisation in Quebec. Anyone could submit a photo of their face online, then the Museum would find their 2,000 year old doppelganger amongst ancient statues – with the very best doubles being displayed in the exhibition itself.

Next is Tiger beer with their AirInk project. Creating ink from air pollution in Asia, then using that ink to produce works of art on those city streets – both raising awareness of clean air and the brand’s sustainability practices.

Next is a 360 degree video by the New Zealand Fire Service, letting you experience a house fire from within. The fascinating, but sobering experience then encourages people to plan their fire escape routes, promoting safety across the country.

Finally, to coincide with World Water Day, One Water released bottles with dirty packaging to highlight the lack of clean water throughout the globe – which would have certainly raised a few eyebrows.

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