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Best Kodak Video Converter to Convert Kodak Video to Various Formats

Pocket video cameras have become very popular these days, especially among young people. The most important players is the Flip video series, however, other competitor are now really catching up, especially the Kodak video cameras, including Kodak Zi8, Kodak Play sport and Kodak Mini video camera and so on. Kodak video cameras already do a better job in quite some aspects than the flip camcorders. A lot Kodak camera users are facing the issue of how to convert Kodak video and edit Kodak video. Doremisoft Kodak  Converter provides the perfect solution to Kodak video conversion and easy Kodak video editing.

With Doremisoft Kodak  Converter, you can easily convert Kodak video to iPhone, convert Kodak video to WMV etc. and give easy editing to your Kodak videos. The steps below will guide you on how to convert Kodak video and edit Kodak video:

With Doremisoft Kodak Play touch converter, you can easily get the best out of your Kodak video cameras, including Kodak Zi8 and Kodak Playsport and so on, and share your favorite Kodak videos in all sorts of video formats, mobile player and on the web.

Step 1: Add Kodak Video

Click the “Add File” button on the top left to locate the Kodak video files you want to convert and add them to Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter.

Step 2: Select an output format to convert Kodak MOV video

Click to open the profile list as shown on the screenshot below and select the format you want to convert your Kodak videos to. For example, if you want to convert Kodak video to Windows Movie Maker WMV with no quality loss, find “HD Video”, and scroll down to the bottom of the HD Video list and select HD WMV video.

Tip 1: If you want to convert all added files into one format, you can just select the format for any added Kodak video, and check the “Apply to all” option on the lower part of the screen. Tip 2: If you want to join a few Kodak video files into a single file, select the files using “Ctrl” and “Shift” key, and tick the “Merge into one file” option.

Step 3: Trim Kodak video length (optional)

If you just want to convert a part from a Kodak video file, you can click the “Clip” button to trim Kodak video length.

Step 4: Crop Kodak video (optional)

If you want to zoom in a certain area of your Kodak video or remove black Kodak video sides, you can click on the “Edit” button to crop Kodak video. Just drag each side of the crop frame to do the crop as shown on the screenshot

Step 5: Edit Kodak video effects (optional)

You can choose to edit your Kodak video effects. Click on the “Effect” tab at the lower left of the Edit window and now you can set Kodak video brightness, contrast and saturation and even apply a special video effect such as Gray, Emboss and Old film.

Step 6: Start Kodak video conversion

Now, if you are ready to convert your Kodak videos, click the big “Start” button to start the conversion. On the conversion window, we recommend that you check the “Open output folder when conversion is finished” option. And you can also choose the shut down your computer when the conversion is finished if you are converting long Kodak videos.