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Boom in Internet Advertising Industry

Internet advertising has become more valuable now because of its cost effectiveness and fast speed

The advertising industry has started to grow out in this century. The worldwide advertising industry is likely to be worth $ 428 billion in revenues this year. It was John Wanamaker, who started this trend and became the first modern advertiser when he bought space in newspapers to advertise his stores.

Advertising in TV or Radio has its own disadvantage. Even If the viewer is a teenage girl, the advertisement promotes the Viagra. By contrast, the new advertising models based on Internet technologies amount to innovation. The average cost of Internet advertising is 50 cents, while the average CPM in traditional media is $ 20. Internet allow advertisers to accurately reach individual users, and collect information about their targeted viewers. The Internet also provides a way for intermediaries to make commission by selling and buying ad space. More consumers spend time online on their personal computers.

In 2003 Yahoo!, bought Overture for $ 1.6 billion. Yahoo! then dropped the technology it had from Google. Then Microsoft built ad Center E Bay, the largest auction site, has its advertising version called Ad Context MSN is another large Internet portal.

Industry observers often divide the on-line advertising industry into 4: (1) that appears on search results pages; (2) that appears on non-search web pages; (3) classified listings that appear on web sites; and (4) Internet e-mail based advertisements.

Internet-based advertising are revolutionizing the global advertising industry. Advertisers once had only traditional methods available for targeting their ads. Advertisers also had little information on who actually watched their ads and what activities followed. The Internet has changed that by allowing advertisers to target specific individuals and paying only when those individuals click on the ads. With the help of impressions, clicks, and conversions, advertisers can easily judge the effectiveness of the messages in their ads.

There are online advertising companies that market various tools such as pop-up ads, banner ads, traffic exchanges etc. With the advent of heavy competition in various businesses, online advertising has become a necessity. You can achieve very good exposure of your website through Online advertising. The very effective tools are SEO (search engine optimization ), classified advertisement, viral marketing, classified ads, email marketing and many more free and paid forms of advertising.

Online Classifieds gives your service or product a global exposure and reaches to everyone on internet while traditional system offers you flexibility only limited to your region or city. Online Classified can be placed from anywhere either you are at home or at office and without having to step outside.

Advertising through Online Classifieds produces quicker results with very little effort. If done correctly, one can receive traffic in very short period of time.

The viewers find it easy to choose from different options since these advertisements are grouped under the title that classifies the product or service offered.

There is only one disadvantage of this kind of advertising is that advertisement expires quickly. If your ad is not getting visitors at all then it will drop in ranking with time. The ads should be replaced frequently. You need to look at your ad at regular intervals to make it on top of classified sites.

These all reasons will definitely leaves you in no doubt to turn to classified site rather than opting for newspaper classifieds. So next time if you need to place an ad then think twice before going to newspaper office.

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