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Calculating Rates for Outdoor Advertising

Computing rates for advertising is also an important part of the advertising process. This is to make sure that everything can fit in the advertiser or the marketer’s advertising budget. So how is the rate for outdoor advertising calculated? Well, there are four factors included in the computation.

1.  Location
The main factor considered when pricing outdoor advertising rates is the location of the advertisement. Advertisements on main areas have higher prices and well known buildings, malls and other establishments will have more expensive rates. So are subway stations and other high traffic areas. Crowded places are more expensive than placed with less people because the price is always directly proportional to how many people will be able to see the advertisement. Aside from traffic, the demographics of the location will affect the rate. High income locations will be more expensive than places of lesser interest.

2.  Size
Size matters for outdoor advertising because it deals with mobile viewers and it will require bigger advertisements to catch their attention. But bigger advertisements will need bigger spaces and this is what contributes to the increase in prices as the advertisement’s size increases.

3.  Duration
Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising is flexible in terms of duration. Advertisers and marketers may be able to get discounts if they lease the space for extended periods of time. But they would also have to make sure that they are free to change the ad content when necessary because it is important for advertisements to remain relevant to the consumer in order to catch their interest.

4.  Material and build
The build and material of an outdoor advertisement is also part of the computation of its rate. The actual material used and other Digital Media and embellishments will add to the rate charged for leasing outdoor advertising space. Of course, the higher the technology, the more expensive it is. But advertisers and marketers can opt for less expensive tools that can still make an impact on the consumer.

If you have a tight advertising budget, then it would be best to have small scale local campaigns instead. Outdoor Advertising Agency can also help advertisers and marketers with the planning of their finances as they have expert professional who are equipped to help find solutions to their problems. Their team of media experts can also help find discounts and promos for media space which will lessen the advertiser’s expenses. This is essential in order to achieve Successful Advertising Campaigns.

It’s no secret that any type of advertising would require an investment not only of money but also of time and effort. But despite the sacrifice, it can provide a lot of benefits for the business as long as it is executed properly. With outdoor advertising, advertisers and marketers are provided with a variety of options to choose from and a lot of cost effective solutions. Even small businesses benefit from this medium because it ensures higher revenue for the business. There is a price to reaching out to the public in outdoor advertising and it is proportional to how visible the advertisement would be.


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