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Chiropractic Coaching and Marketing Ideas With Web 2.0

Currently, within the profession there are many chiropractic coaching consultants scrambling to stay alive and update themselves in the new Web 2.0 era. For the longest time, they’ve been clinging to older chiropractic marketing ideas and paradigms that have finally caught-up with them. In fact, I can’t tell you how many chiropractic consulting groups have been in touch with me in the past year grasping for any information they can get.

I find it very interesting how fast communication and patient interaction is changing, not just in chiropractic, but in many other industries as well. In fact, I read a statistic the other day that said the most “high-demand” jobs in the coming year were not even around four years ago. This floored me until I began to think just how fast information is updating and changing. You cannot stay the same, like has been the case with most chiropractic coaching and consulting groups… especially in the economic collapse we are potentially facing.

An older chiropractic coaching professional had basically called web 2.0 and social media marketing a waste of time for chiropractors. The kicker was that it was in a major, reputable chiropractic publication! Those that buy into this load of BS are going to suffer the consequences this year and next for sure. They were marketing some gimmick and claimed people were not searching as much online anymore. Talk about outdated paradigms!

One only need to look at the recent presidential election to disprove this chiropractic coaching consultants ignorant comment. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Barack Obama’s campaign was propelled to victory by his stellar use of web 2.0 and social media. Insider members of his staff have verified this. Did you know Obama had 5x the number of Facebook friends than McCain?

Marketing chiropractic online via the use of social networks, video, and social media is allowing chiropractors more flexibility and freedom every single day. Chiropractors do not have to do it all by themselves. Let me repeat that… “chiropractors do not have to do it all by themselves.” This is a huge misconception about Web 2.0 chiropractic internet marketing. Have your assistant chip away at tasks daily for you. Devote between 30-45 minutes daily at this. If you can map and understand the blueprint then you will absolutely dominate your community online. There has NEVER been a better time for chiropractors to brand themselves very fast and attain local celebrity status, too.

Don’t assume you can just get on Facebook and get 20 patients per month with no work. Many are disappointed when they create a profile (like a website) and they don’t get new patients. Web 2.0 and social media chiropractic marketing is akin to a snowball that can go full force into an avalanche if harvested properly.

In all actuality, many DC’s don’t have the proper mindset for this type of web 2.0 marketing, as they’ve been programmed (by some chiropractic coaching consultants) to believe that the continued use of outdated techniques will get 40+ new patients every month with little effort.

Amongst the madness, where should the average chiropractor begin in the online chiropractic marketing universe? My highest recommendation is to begin with video, as it was the most massive marketing tool in 2008 and is continuing to sky-rocket in 2009. Online chiropractic marketing with video provides an opportunity for people in your community to become familiar with you and experience the genuine you! It’s as if they are your friend before they walk into your office. It’s impossible to put a price on this kind of rapport building and social proof generation at such an early stage.

If you’re not authentic in your chiropractic marketing message, you won’t be attracting very many new patients in 2009. Scripted, plastic-like chiropractors are on the out this year. By the way, being camera shy is not an excuse anymore! After your first couple videos, you’ll settle right in to the virtual home and new dimension added to your chiropractic marketing regimen.

– Matthew J. Loop, DC