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Convert audio to audio: best audio format for your Music Player

The more you know about a music format, the better the use.

There are many different audio formats for different uses. AIFF is the best format for CD burning. WAV is the best format for perfectionist. The unique music format AAC in iTunes for Apple “i” series Players. Convert MP3 to WMA to lower the file size. Even though MP3 format files compatible with almost all the Music Player, but it’s not always our first choice format.  An example: MP3 and WMA – which one do you usually choose?

As a standard for digital audio, an MP3 music track can be played on almost any player, whether it’s portable or computer-based. Whatever, it’s the most widely used music format in the world. A WMA(Windows Media Audio) file converted at the same quality as a MP3 file will be about half the size. I can get about 4 hours of music on a 128MB compact flash card using WMA formatted songs. Have tried the song at half the bit rate (128 MP3 = 64WMA). I’ve found the quality to be nearly equal at half the size. Using 64kbps, there’s no doubt, the WMA file sounds much better than the MP3 file at this bit rate, high compression ratio is its advantage. (The only drawback is that rip the MP3 file almost twice as fast as the WMA file.)

Seems WMA is not bad. Actually, 128 is its threshold of WMA, if the Bit rate is upward to 192K, MP3 will defeats WMA in sound quality. On the other hand, WMA is a highly protected format, WMA been used in Music DRM(Digital Rights Management) to avoid copyright infringement. Now, which one? It all depends. For guys who concern the size, if you want as much music on your device, WMA should be your first choice.

From above, you should know a way to choose a best format for your Music Player. The following: how to convert Audio to Audio for music player?

1. Download Video Audio Converter – Video Sharer. Install and register.  2. Upload music files onto “Convert” interface, you can find almost all the audio formats in “Profile”.(Can also shorten the music by edit function).  3. Click “Convert” to begin the process, and hit “Open” you’ll get the converted music files. Then you can put music onto various music player via USB cable. Easy to use!

Hope it can help you more or less!

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