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Converting AVI videos to other video formats

The popularity of avi file formats is unmatched by other file formats. This can be attributed to the fact that avi is a multimedia storage format and can play on many media players. AVI simply stands for Audio Video Interleave and was first released in 1992 by Microsoft. Nowadays there are many video file formats and this has led to the increase of conversion and editing programs which are used to convert from one file format to another. Some of these programs are created for professional use while others are created for home use. When selecting a video converter, ensure that the converter is able to convert your AVI file to the file format that you want. Not all converters will have many output file format options.

Wondershare video converter ultimate is the way to go in terms of programs which can convert to any file extension and in particular MP4. Avi to mp4 convert is not difficult when using this software. The reason you might need to convert a file from avi to mp4 is because certain media devices and applications are not compatible with AVI file formats. Portable media devices especially cannot play media files with the AVI file format thus conversion is required.

Wondershare video converter ultimate will convert the avi file to mp4 while maintaining the high quality of the video. This will enable you to play the video on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC and many others. The reason as to why MP4 videos are compatible with most portable media devices is because of its high compression rate and quality output.

To perform an avi to mp4 converter, you will have to download and install Wondershare video converter ultimate on your computer. The converter not only converts to mp4 but to other file formats that you might want. These include formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MKV, MPG. The program also enables you to convert to 3D and burn the videos to a DVD disc, DVD folder or ISO files. Wondershare video converter also enables you to rip DVD movies to any video which you can play back on devices. The features offered by this ultimate video converter are endless. Others include the ability to record videos from certain web sites and video streaming sites like yahoo, Google, YouTube, MySpace, CNN, and BBC among others. If you are still not convinced about the program then you need to do some independent research.

There are certain websites that specialize in the analysis of different programs and software which serve the same purpose. Wondershare has played a part in the production of many products which are highly rated including the above mentioned program. Their programs are renowned and have certainly set the standard in terms of quality and functionality. Not many programs with the same quality and features are available in the market today. If you do happen to find a similar product then you will have to part with a lot of cash so that you can be able to use it. Try the Wondershare video converter ultimate and you will not regret it.

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