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Custom website designs on open source CMS

Open-Source systems can be extremely appealing to companies seeking to implement a CMS website design. Though a few drawbacks are well documented, they are being fixed as the product matures into a competitive tool.

The contributing community itself at times turns out to the product’s disadvantage. The more the developers, the more the modules, APIs, and add-ons that may possibly overlap each other. This may make it extremely difficult to bring together different custom web designing projects with the same purpose.

Web Developers and users then face the predicament of having to choose among a number of modules that exclusively fulfill their requirements. Obviously, custom web designing in such circumstances is a little demanding.Regardless of such drawbacks, along with some product’s limitations, open source systems such as Drupal and Joomla can be just what a company needs for its custom web design if their needs of scalability and performance are simple.

Plus the fact that they are exclusively written in PHP makes their web designs browser friendly and less prone to compatibility issues.However an entity such as a Fortune 100 retail company might find it limiting to build an entire solution around the Drupal platform.

Amongst the various benefits which an open source CMS provides, a few are:

Quick and easy editing: Custom web designing on CMS allows the webmasters to edit pages online through ordinary browsers where changes can be viewed online itself. This, when compared with the old editor program of HTML pages, saves a lot of time-and-cost delays.

Saves time by facilitating redesigning: One needn’t commence the CMS web design from the scratch. A lot of CMS design templates already exist in the virtual world and designers / developers can easily customize the same for their clients. At times a little in-depth tweaking may be required, but the entire process takes much less time as compared to HTML coding. This again suits the basic concept of custom website designs.

Better web application development –Website development on open source CMS lends great functional leverage to designers and developers. A web designer for example has a lot of liberty to include functionalities in the website, without having a drastic impact on the cost. CMS web designing works great in adding multiple pages to a given design without too much of a bother.

Again, custom web designs can draw great mileage out of this!

SEO semantic and efficient coding: Open source CMS web designs are highly search engine optimized. That’s because major CMS built web designs are 100% search engine optimized which means good organic traffic to the website owners on SEO-friendly website designs.  

Even more, coding on an open source CMS is much easier than coding HTML websites.

As technological advancement further the scope and utility of CMS websites, custom website design on popular CMS platforms will only step up in effect.

Author: With huge experience on custom built websites, the author is savvy to the concepts of a custom website design. He is a pro web designer in CMS based web designing, with expertise in Joomla and Drupal.