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Cut video clips and then convert to 3GP format

Step 1: download Blazevideo 3GP video converter from http://www.blazevideo.com/ from Internet.

Step 2: set up the downloaded .exe application by following the installation wizard.

Step 3: launch the 3GP video converter program on your computer. When a message that reminds you are using the trial version pops up, you can click the Trial button to continue free try this 3GP video converter. Then the main interface will pop up.

Step 4: load the video you want to cut video clips from to the conversion list by clicking the Add button on the tool bar.

Step 5: on the tool bar click Clip button to pop up the Clip window where you can preview the video.

Step 6: cut video clips.  When we want to begin cutting the video, just click the button of Set Clip Start Point and click the Set Clip End Point button to stop trimming the video. The clipped video will be shown in the below column and the time of the cut video will be shown out as well. We can delete the unsatisfied clips and make the new video clips as we wish.

Step 7: click OK button to save the changes, then the cut video files will be loaded to the main interface.

Now we go on to convert the video clips to 3GP format.

Step 1: if we want to set the parameters of video size, video bitrate, frame rate, audio bitrate, channel, sample rate, we can click Setting button to reset them. Please remind to click OK to save the changes and we will return to main interface.

Step 2: before click Start to convert the video clips to 3GP format we need to set the output folder for the converted file. 3GP video converter will quickly finish the conversion.

If you want to free download and free try this 3GP video converter, and use it to cut video clips and then convert to 3GP formats, or if you want more information about this software, please refer to http://www.blazevideo.com/3gp-video-converter/.

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