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Digital video recorder ? a brief overview

Gone were the days where VCRs rule the world of video recording. Now, things have changed with an improvised and hi-tech gadget used in order to record videos that is the digital video recorder.


The advancement of technology has lead to the creation of highly improved TV viewing gadgets such as digital TV, digital video, TV satellites and now with the most coveted HDTV is in town! But there are certain movies, shows, or videos that people want to keep hold off and watch them over in the future. This is where a digital video recorder takes into the picture. What it does is that it captures and records digital TV or video and records it inside a hard drive somewhat similar to what a personal computer has. Well, to be precise a digital video recorder is a type of computer that has been created with the sole purpose of recording as well as playing back any type of digital video.


An average digital video recorder can record approximately 40 hours worth of video and store it right inside an IDD (internal hard drive). Another cool thing about this gadget is that it can let the user pause a particular live TV show and later on restart the show.


There are varieties of digital video recorders available on the market; they come in different brands, features, and prices. Most of the digital video recorder being sold on the market has the following features: password protection, built-in port for USB 2.0, motion detection, self-recovery, audio recording, high-resolution for picture quality (playback), operating system (Linux), and live monitoring.


The key in choosing the right DVR to buy, it is highly recommended to go for something that has lots of features and can guarantee quality video viewing. There are some brands that are offering top class features but do come at a hefty price while there are few other brands with affordable price tags still function the same – records and do playbacks for videos.


Now, goodbye VCR and say hello to one of the coolest and newly improve device for video recording – digital video recorder. It offers more than simple video viewing but whole loads of space to store hours’ worth of videos through its hard drive. This is something that VCR does not have! People who loved watching TV shows can watch its repeats at the comforts of their homes thanks to DVR.



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