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DIY Brand Video Example (Mindfulness Coach)

Any video is better than no video. In this video I give you a DIY brand video example for a mindfulness coach brand video to prove that you can shoot a video on your own without any prior experience.

After watching my video tutorial on How to Write a Promotional Script, Lou Redmond tested the process by writing a script and capturing it on his iPhone. In this video, he shares his experience with you and gives encouragement so that you may overcome the fear of filming a video.

If you’re ready to give it a go then I recommend checking out my brand video how to tutorial that outlines the steps to writing a script for a promotional video. I go over how to craft your brand story. Stay tuned for future videos where I’ll continue to provide promotional video examples, sample brand videos, business video examples, brand story video examples, etc.

Mindfulness for Teachers Website: https://mindfulnessforteachers.com
Lou Redmond Website: https://www.louredmond.com/



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Write Your Brand Video Script
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DIY Brand Video Example (Mindfulness Coach)

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