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Five Ways To Spoil Your Mlm Marketing Video

Producing an MLM marketing video clip is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use today. Considering Youtube alone has over 1 billion viewers per day, the importance of this type of marketing cannot be emphasized enough.

Although an MLM marketing video can be a fantastic business building resource, it can also just as quickly harm your business if you are careless in its use. Here a few guaranteed ways to ruin your network marketing video.

1. Poor Quality of sound – A couple of things that immediately are evoked with this topic. The first is the video that blows out the speakers on your viewer’s computer. The second is the video that is hard to hear, no matter how high the sound volume is set. Both of these oversights can be easily eliminated while you are editing your video for upload, through use of the audio editor on your video production software. Once you have finished your video, play the finished product on your computer, just to be sure the volume is at a reasonable level.

2. Poor Video clip Quality – Generally this is a poor choice of lighting. One of the common mistakes that is regularly seen is a person who is filming in a shaded location with a bright background behind them. Another common variation is a video shot with room lighting, where the camera was not adjusted accordingly. This leads to poor coloring in the final video and makes a less than favorable first impression.

3. Poor Articulation – For anybody who is going to convey a message through video, you need to speak clearly and distinctly. Mumbling is a sure fire way to ruin your video and create an unfavorable impression. It may be helpful for you to script out what you are going to say. Devote your script to memory, so that you are not reading cue cards and then work on a natural presentation of what you have memorized.

4. Distracting Elements – I realize that everyone wants to shoot their video in front of a mansion, with a European luxury car and a gorgeous man or woman at their side; however, your video is meant to introduce you and your leadership to the viewer. Sometimes the distractions resulting from “what else” is in the video frame can be devastating. Some things to be aware of include: Background noise, background movement, busy patterns, unusual colors. These last two things should also apply to your attire as well.

5. Absence of Energy – You remember Ben Stein’s memorable character as the economics teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. His monotone delivery “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…” was enough to put anyone to sleep. Unfortunately many Multilevel marketing video clips have the same affect. They are crammed full of great content presented in a monotone speech that would cure the worst cases of sleeplessness. Your passion for your content is key to generating excitement and interest in others. Remember to project that enthusiasm into your videos.

Although there are many other ways to ruin a perfectly good MLM marketing video, these are some of the major offenders that you should make sure to stay away from.

Making a successful MLM marketing video begins with clearly defined goals and an action plan. Let Carl Willis teach you step by step the fundamentals necessary for building a powerful online MLM business.