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Gamer Stat Ratio For Men and Women


Video games become in style for the last thirty years, so much popular that a total of 65% of Americans play video games productivity tool. Video games are more portable compared to handheld and phones which are the common place for gamers. The word gamers refer to the person who plays video games and easily becoming misnomer due to lots of profile fit in the category. Let’s take a look in the gamer stats about proliferation of games and distribution of the population segment.


Of the 65% of US population, ages 18 to 49 years makes up the large percentage of gamer at 49%. In the time past, it was expected that gaming population was kids below 18 years but now they just make up 25 percent, maybe more shocking is the truth that there’s more people more than 50 years who play that kids at 26%. Average age of gamers according to the gamer stats reported to be normally from 32 years. This was common stereotype as well that man dominates video game consumptions, though the study states that two out of five gamers are girls. Average gamer spends eighteen hours weekly playing games with productivity tool.


Gamers are board terms so let’s look at breakdown of the gender vs. console preference. Girls love Nintendo Wii which 80 percent of the population says that it’s their main choice of console. Only 11% plays Xbox 360 and lesser of about 9% plays Sony PS3. However, males are more separated with regards to the console preference. Around 41% of men plays Wii mainly though most of then opt for Xbox 38% and 21% for Play Station. Productivity tool to games are really different between two genders.


Majority of the gamers tells you that the 2 single large markets for the video games include US and Japan. Thus, if you like to see good consoles are performing make good comparisons and review online. Play Station 3 sold 12.35million units in Unite States while Japan sold around 4.58 million, combine this with international market this has sold at 31.59 million totally. It simply shows that it’s more accepted with Japanese compared to Americans.


Gamer stats unsurprisingly inverse the preference found in terms of Xbox 360 which sold at 21.5 million items in US, yet merely 1.23 million sold in Japan with a totality of 37.14million plus the international market. Wii met the largest victory in terms of sold outs. They have a total of around 65.32million units sold and are accepted both in America and Japan with about 9.67million units plus 30.56million units accordingly, ending the grand total of approximately 65.32million sold units.

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