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Getting Started with YouTube Video Marketing (part 1) Intro

Getting Started with YouTube Video Marketing (part 1) Intro

Welcome to an exciting video blog series ‘How To Get Started With Video Marketing’. I’m Uzair Kharawala of SF Digital Studios and during this video blog series, we’ll be uploading 1 video a week to teach you how to get started with video marketing.

Why Video Marketing
Video is one of the best formats to deliver your message, get in front of your audience and build your brand. As most of the internet traffic is on the smartphone, a lot of people prefer to watch a video than to read the content as it is sometimes quite difficult to read on a small device.

Now is a great time to get started. During the next 7 weeks, you will learn how easy it is to start creating high quality videos and then to promote them to get views on YouTube.

I started my video marketing journey in Jan 2018 and within a space of 14 months now, I have over 5,900 YouTube subscribers. I researched and found that there is a lot of searches being made for learning Google Ads.

I then started uploading Google Ads tutorial videos and soon noticed that I was getting a lot of engagement and interaction from my audience. I continue to do this to this day and now video marketing is where we invest most of our resources to promote our business.
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The Ultimate Video Formula for Video Marketing

The Ultimate Video Formula for Video Marketing // Video marketing can seem a little scary if you dont know what to do, but in this video I break down the key basic you need to get you started. With this Video making formula will learn how to make a video, how to hook them in and how to keep them engaged.

Get the Video Marketing To-Do Checklist here:
• https://www.allinonesocialmedia.com/video-marketing-to-do-checklist 

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