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Go Viral With Great Internet Marketing Ideas

Did you ever have the chance to view the new Old Spice commercial? It is very fun to watch isn’t? It is catchy and there is a lot of humor put into it, just like the original commercial. This is probably one of the best examples of great internet marketing ideas. Would you know how to do more similar stuff?

Videos are among the hottest that you can do today when it comes to creating an internet marketing campaign. But if you have seen that video that I mentioned earlier, you would see that the production value, while not the same with the big budget production houses, is still quite more than the average person might be able to afford. Do you need to have the same budget to pull off something even a bit similar? Definitely not.

If there is one thing that you would notice that is common among videos like that Old Spice viral video and those other videos that caught on in YouTube and other similar video sharing sites is that they are bursting with creativity. As long as you have a video camera and a mind that is filled with great and creative ideas, then you can surely imitate the success of these videos.

But let us be honest. There will always a certain level of advantage if you have a really good studio set up for your video production. It usually boils down to the quality of the camera, the lighting, the sound recorder, and the video editing software to be used. It is a fact of life that people with the right tools in their hands can truly create wonders.

Let as assume that you have already created your own primary video. But then what? Should you just post it on YouTube and then wait for the flood of viewers to come in? It does not always work that way, not unless you really have a very good and interesting video. If your video product is not as outstanding as many people might think, you can still make it go viral if you do your own promotion for it.

The best way to do it is through link building. And that is why keywords are also very important in video marketing. Your video’s title, when you are going to post it on YouTube, should be keyword optimized including the description and the tags as well. These are basic search engine optimization that you should always cover. Then start building links to it.

Another good way to promote your video is through the social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter, the various forums, and also the social bookmarking sites. It is very easy to spread the word about your new video using these services. It is also a bonus if you already have a good fan base on any of these sites.

So there you have it. If you want to replicate the success of the new Old Spice commercial, then you should follow the tips I have presented in this article about internet marketing ideas. Start writing your script, get your camera ready and start filming your own viral video.

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