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Good Video Preroll Ad Examples | Best Preroll ads for conversions

Good Video Preroll Ad Examples | Best Preroll ads for conversions

Are you using YouTube preroll ads to increase your business? Here is a great example of a YouTube preroll ad. It’s a creative video that actually took some thinking.


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Ahh Man Stupid Pre-roll ads…It is time we change the way we do Pre Roll Ads

The ever-boring pre-roll ads that are in front of the video you are trying to watch. You hate them. You are searching for some great entertainment and you have to sit though some interrupting ad.

You can’t seem to skip them fast enough.



And if you happen to be one of those businesses running ads that do not have a skip button prepare to be hated by the masses. Your knowing interrupting people’s me time.

Here is what YouTube/Google say about their Instream Pre roll ads.

“Pre-roll ads deliver your message to your ideal audience, in a classic TV-like format that makes planning easy. You can reach millions of engaged viewers as they watch video content from approved and established YouTube partners and on leading sites in the Google Display Network.”

Google is great at selling stuff, but we are smarter than the average consumer.

(Note, every time I implement something that Google suggests, my cost per lead tends to increase. Imagine that…Google being evil.)

We can’t be fooled by their well-designed pdfs and we know most of the info that Google provides is pushing us to spend more money on their platform.

98% of the time our Pre-roll ads do not get delivered to our ideal audience and average view rates are well below the 1% range, but that does not have to be you.

Youtube gets 1 billions unique visitors and reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network.

It’s huge and we can use it to our advantage.

Look at it this way

How much do you think it would cost to run a Commercial on a cable network? A lot.

You can’t walk into a Cable network and tell them to run 10 dollars in ads and see if you get any kind of result. It does work that way


With YouTube you basically choose where you want your ads show, how much you are willing to pay, and who you want to see those ads.

You can’t do that anywhere else.

With that being said… you can’t just go out there and press start on a YouTube campaign. We need to be strategic.

First thing first

I love Pre-Roll Ads.. (I also have a love hate relationship with Google)☺

Let me repeat

Pre-Roll YouTube ads are awesome and we have found that the cost per lead is almost 5 times less than other avenues.

1. When creating Pre-roll ads you need to design your video for a YouTube setting. (they are not commercials.)

“Think about what we know at that moment: we know what they’re going to watch, we know what they just Googled, we know where they are, we know what device they are watching on, heck, we know they can skip the ad. All of this information is an opportunity to customize a message that respects the viewer and the platform.”

It’s not easy and it definitely takes a lot of creativity to make it work, but that is what Ydraw is for.

Here is a great example of an ad created for Pre-roll.

This Pre-roll ads is extremely clever notice how they use the skip button and recognize the fact that you are going to be watching this video on YouTube.

I am really surprised that big companies do not take this approach more often.

Take Geico for example they come up with some amazing TV commercial…really weird and creative. Yet they do not take the time to create a create YouTube campaign that interacts with the audience.

Can you imagine if they took the Geico lizard and had him interact with the audience some way.

People want interactive ads.

They want you to at least acknowledge that they are there to watch a video and you are interrupting them.

2. Select the right target audience.

Big corporation spend millions of dollars throwing their ads in front of every YouTube video on the web. Don’t ask me why, but it is all in the name of “Branding.”

Most can’t afford to throw money away so make sure to limit your audience.

If you are looking for a guide on how to do this you can find it here

It’s that simple

So the next time you are looking to spend huge amounts of money on YouTube Ads.

Follow steps One and Two and rethink they way you are doing YouTube Pre-roll ads.

You Will get better results and a lot bigger ROI.

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