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How much does video production cost?

How much does video production cost?


How much does video production cost?

Learn how to “Pricing for Video Production”. We hope this sheds some light on how to budget or price out Video Production services. It is averaged that 161 million users watched videos online a month. If you have a product, service, or idea you really need to have an online video presence.000a

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When it comes to video production, there can be many unknowns. The biggest unknown is the price! 💲

At Viral Ideas, we believe that the video process should be simplified. We’re committed to removing the common response of ‘it depends’ from the conversation when being asked how much a video costs.

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– – Hey everybody my name is Zach Medina here with – Dave Feinman and – Ben the llama. – So, what we’re were you thinking with Ben the llama? – I think we should shave Ben the llama. How bout this, if we get 25 likes on the video. – 25 likes on the video. – We will or will not shave Ben? – I think people want, like, – Do you wanna see Ben shaved? – I don’t know but if we get 25 likes on the video we’ll shave Ben the Llama. – That’s a deal, deal. – That’s not that many likes. – It is what it is. Alright what’s the question here today, coming from the Greater Boximon Chamber of Commerce. – So, this is from Mark Schrager, from the Greater Boximon Chamber of Commerce, most people are scared of the unknown, is it difficult to do the video, what about cost? Should I do testimonials, is it effective, what are other people’s experience? So what’s the unknown? – Okay, there’s a lot of unknowns, and this is actually something that Zach and I are really really passionate about. – Yes. – So, with video, there’s a lot of it depends, and maybe, and a lot of really big unknowns. – We hate it. – And we hate it, our whole purpose, and the reason why we created our company was to simplify the process of video marketing and video campaigns, and everything that surrounds video. So we actually created an entire platform that answers these questions. It’s called the Flixation, and it basically helps clients walk through the process of selecting a video, and it’s really intuitive, it makes total sense, and Zach why don’t you explain a little deeper into that maybe answer this question. – So if you wanna check it out, go to viralideamarketing.com/flixation, now to give a quick idea of the unknown, so we would always have people call us or even scared to call us because they were afraid to know how much it was, or they are afraid of whatever else the unknown is, so what we did is we made a platform where you can simply go in and go hey, this is my industry, what type of video do you want it for? For the buyer’s journey, is it awareness? Are they just becoming aware of you? Is it consideration? Is it when the people are starting to consider your business product or service? And then ultimately decision, are they making an ultimate decision to go to you? And what we’ve done is, we’ve made over 800 videos here at Viral Ideas and we’ve aggregated the best ones for either the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. And when you go through this, with the click of a button you’re able to actually get sent the exact number that it will be, exact number for good, better, best. So there’s no unknowns here, and we lay it all out, we make it plain and simple because we do not wanna say well it depends. – So that perfectly answers that question, to go a little bit deeper, and to find out some of those unknowns, if Mark is asking this question there’s probably tons of people asking the same question, simply just go on viralideamarketing.com/flixation and walk through the process, and just understand what different videos cost, how they’re made, what goes into it, and there’s a couple examples, and that’ll give you a baseline understanding and answer every single question that Mark laid out for us, – Yep – And maybe that you have yourself. – What else did he outline in here? – That was pretty much it. – That was it? – So to sum it up, check out the flixation, again, back to Ben the Llama. – 25 likes – 25 likes, this sucker is getting shaved, sorry Ben Math, we’re shaving the llama you gave us, and maybe if we do shave him we will need a replacement, I’ve been saying, like send us some chachkies, we love the chachkies, a t-shirt, you know anything. – Alright, thank you everybody.
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