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How Open Source Changes the CMS

One of the interesting things about the marketing world as a whole is how things are continually changing in order to make the process easier and better. A lot of marketing is now handled over the web in the form of web pages, websites, classifieds, commercials, ads and other publicity. The marketing world continually changes and those who are marketing items must be able to change and adapt with it. One of the great benefits of working on the web is that businesses can attract the millions of people who frequent the web daily. Web pages and websites are two of the most marketing venues and individuals must learn to take advantage of this in order to be truly successful.

Open source was developed in order to help take advantage of the potential marketing that exists in the internet world. Put simply open source is software that has an “open source code that can be used by any individual that is interested. Individuals have the ability to read, adapt, change and then redistribute the source code as they see fit. The great thing about the open source code is that potential users can not only use but improve the code if necessarily. By utilizing the code this way, users can make sure that the final program does exactly what they need it to do. Any modifications that may come from adapting the source code are taken back to the original author and they have the option to import the changes into the official version. Most people take advantage of this because the software can generally be found free on the internet and there are no additional maintenance or license costs.

CMS allows users to publish as well as update their website without having to be well versed in internet programming. This allows users to work at their own speed and comfort level. CMS which stands for Content Management System allows users to make changes to their website or ecommerce quickly and most importantly easily. It has rose to fame quickly as one of the world’s best open sourced based CMS systems. The built in editing and display capabilities allow users to use their site in many ways. There are an extensive number of features that can be used and lots of additional features that individuals can choose from. The fact that CMS is an open source system also means that additional features and other components are added continuously as people make changes and modifications. Thousands of people have created websites using this very simple system and building off of what others have done.

Open source has helped CMS to continually grow and expand. Open source has provided people with more choices and any problems that arise are solved faster. With so many people working together to come up with the perfect management system, great ideas are a dime a dozen. The flexibility of the open source code also allow CMS to be flexible which mean more people are attracted to what it has to offer.

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