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How To Find Success In Youtube Marketing

Will it blend? Who does not know that question? This very simple question, however, has generated millions of profits for Blendtec, a manufacturer and seller of blenders that are less than fifty dollars. Its sales increased to as much as 500 percent, and it is all thanks to their series of YouTube videos. Tom Dickson, the co-founder, proved that the blender can do something more than create salsas or smoothies: it can blend anything, from crowbars to iPads.

How do you replicate that kind of success? The following ideas can be such a good start:

1. Determine the goal of your video. What do you want to achieve from creating YouTube videos? Would you like to create a buzz or interest? Would you want to provide information about your product or service?

You need to have a list of objectives before you do YouTube marketing or any marketing strategy, for that matter. Your objectives will determine your detailed steps in coming up with YouTube videos. You also have to go back to them when you want to determine your level of marketing success.

2. Do not make it too long. Based on studies, the average attention span of a person is at most 15 minutes. Beyond it, an individual starts to feel frustrated or antsy. Thats why you have to keep your videos short but concise. If your concept is long or comprehensive, create a video series.

3. Keep your viewers entertained. They dont have to laugh or be amused by the videos, but they should be interested enough to remain glued on the screen. In fact, they should ask for more. You can conduct a short study on your market. For instance, videos with special effects will appeal more to the young adults than to the seniors. If youre targeting families, present situations that they can relate.

4. Come up with quality videos. You dont want to watch videos with poor resolution. Thus, the higher the resolution the better. YouTube now offers HD formats for their videos, where sounds and images are much clearer. There are also plenty of HD-capable video cameras.

5. Make sure the video is easy to share. One of the biggest reasons why many have found success in YouTube is they employ viral online marketing. This means their videos do not remain in YouTube alone. They are shared, passed on among Internet users. They are shared in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites. They are embedded in websites and blogs. Your video should have its own video URL and ensure it works all the time.

6. Use subliminal messages. You can definitely combine web marketing and subliminal messages to come up with an explosive YouTube video. You can display discreet images in your videos or create affirmations. For instance, if youre selling diapers to mothers, you can add

You are a good mother to want the best for your kid.
You can be amazing by finding the most ideal product for your child.

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