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How to get a Job in an Advertising Agency – 5 Hacks & Strategies

If you are looking to a get a job in advertising then you have landed on the right video, because I will give you 5 Game changing HACKS & strategies that I have used to land multiple advertising agency jobs from manager to director roles.

What a surprise! Getting a job at an advertising agency can be tricky because they typically only hire people with experience, but I can tell you that my first agency job was with “0” agency experience and no connections in the company so if I can do it you can also.

After my first agency gig it got easier to get the next role as I was familiar with the environment and expectations.

With that said, I have some big news to share with you guys before we jump into the 5 HACKS/Strategies.

I just landed a new role in New York City, the mecca of advertising, at a major advertising agency as an Associate Director of Paid Social =)

After going through this process for the last couple of weeks and receiving multiple offers (actually receiving offers from all 3 agencies I interviewed with) I decided that I would share my HACKS & strategies with you because I know without a doubt they will increase your odds of succeeding in your ad agency job hunt.

SO here it is…

What we will do is Map Out the process of getting a job in an advertising agency and treat it just like the Buyer’s Journey, now for those not familiar the Buyer’s Journey is a process that people usually go through when making a decision to buy something, now in marketing the framework is used to understand what information is relevant to the consumer at each stage of the process.

So I use the Buyer’s Journey framework and I apply it to the hiring process so that I can optimize the information I get and I share at each stage, and I will give you some examples shortly so stay tuned.

BUYERS JOURNEY | https://youtu.be/2x9wZCNCfvk

I know this is a lot of information back here, but if you are really serious about getting your first or next advertising agency job then stick around till the end of this video so that you have a complete understanding.

These are my personal HACKS & strategies that you can apply along your journey to increase your requests for interviews, negotiate a higher salary, and get more offers.

Emotional vs. Logical: Focus on bringing excitement, positivity, and enthusiasm to every word that comes out of your mouth. Often, during interviews we focus on proving our own technical competencies to show we are the best candidate for the role, but many times the interviewers asks questions to gauge our soft skills.

For example: A common question asked at the beginning of most interviews is “tell me about yourself” or “tell me about what you have been doing”, this question would prompt a very logical response that would drive most of us to talk about our responsibilities, projects that we have done, and results we have achieved.

What I bet you didn’t know is that equally import the interviewer is gauging your confidence from your tone of voice, how well you communicate by how concise you are able to respond and how clear, they are evaluating your soft skills as much as your experience.

For this reason, I recommend to always wrap your responses with a smile and enthusiasm, even include works just as “exciting” into your responses, and do your best to always tell a cohesive story instead of responding yes or no with no supporting information.

Remember that humans are just as if not more emotional than logical, and I know it depends on the discipline or area you are interviewing for but always remember the saying “we don’t have 30 seconds to hear your ad but we have 30 minute to hear your story”.

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