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How To Use Video In Your Online Marketing

If you havent already you should start adding video to your website to market your products and services. Because we live in an age where our attention span is almost non existent, the written word wholes very little attention. However video is a lot easier to consume, we find it to be a lot more entertaining and engaging, so therefore it would be only wise for us to deliver our marketing messages through the media of video, when it is possible.

So how do we go about delivering our marketing messages through video? Well that really depends on the type of service or product you are trying to market. Remember marketing is all about positioning your product or service in the right place, to the right people, at the right time.

For this exercise lets pretend we are trying to promote a product in the relationship niche. You could get in touch with other relationship site owners, and ask if you could pay to have an ad on their site. This could be a text or banner ad that said something like; free video show you how to meet your perfect partner or something along those lines.

On clicking the ad your prospect is shown a web page that requires them to enter name and email before they can see the video. Your video would offer some great relationship tips, but not revealing all you have to offer. None the less your tips should be of great value, something your prospect can use.

Before the video ends let the prospect know you will be sending them more tips by email, this was the reason for capturing their email address. Over a period of time they will get more tips from you on relationship building via email. At the end of each video you could tell them about your product or service you have for sale.

This way you are building a relationship and trust with your prospect, which makes it easier for them to spend money with you when they are ready. I hope this article has demonstrated that adding video to website this way, can only do nothing but good for your business.

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