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How to Use Video on Your Website

A growing trend in Internet marketing is the use of embedded videos in a website or even a blog. These videos are typically inexpensively produced, often shot with a handheld video camera by the entrepreneur themselves. Companies are also using videos of customers touting the product, service, or opportunity that give further credibility to the basic message of the website.

How To Use Video On Your Website

Although these videos do not need to be professionally produced, they should appear very professional when they are played. The production values generated by even a relatively inexpensive home video camera are quite sufficient for these purposes. However, the entrepreneur must take care to ensure that the lighting, background noises, and overall appearance of the set convey the intended message. A video that is too casual, sloppily produced, or poorly filmed will have a negative effect by driving customers away.

How To Use Video On Your Website

Before one begins to even shoot the video, it is important to understand who it is intended for. The style and the message must be adapted to the audience who will primarily be viewing the video. For example, if you are appealing to blue-collar workers to join your opportunity, it is probably unnecessary to wear a suit and a tie. On the other hand, if you are trying to attract successful business executives to your opportunity, you might want to appear a little bit more business-formal.

How To Use Video On Your Website

But the real key in successful online videos is the script. Even if you are drop-dead beautiful or handsome and have exquisite production values, if your message is weak or hollow the video will be ineffective. Before you even begin shooting it is important to write down your script and to become familiar with it. Just as an actor or actress would rehearse their lines, so should you rehearse your script to ensure that you can deliver it flawlessly.

Integrated video is an excellent way of conveying information online. It breaks up the monotony of long copy, can be nominally entertaining, and most importantly draws the visitor in to engage them with the website and the marketing messages. But because it is easy to do, don’t under estimate the effort that should go in to producing your video. Produce it well, and deliver a focused and effective message, and you will reap tremendous rewards.

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