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Html5 Video: Universal Website Video Compatibility Comes Of Age

Ian Hickson, the co-editor of HTML 5 said that we might have to wait till 2022 for the final draft. But still, even at this stage of its development, HTML has a lot to offer. We have listed the 5 most exciting features of the language:

1. Video Element

You can embed a video on a page with the same amount of ease as you could embed an image with the help of HTML 5 codes. And what makes it better is that you can manipulate videos and built-in video controls and of course you don’t need to rely on third-party codes to embed a video.

2. Canvas

Canvas in simple terms can be described as the drawable region in HTML code with height and width attributes. Dynamically generated graphics is the new function HTML 5 offers. It can be used to draw graphics, make photo compositions, or do simple (or complicated) animations. All of this again can be done without having to rely on an external plug-in.

3. Geo-Location

The geo-location API lets you share your location with trusted web sites. The details of your location are available to JavaScript on the page. Sources of location information included Global-Positioning System (GPS) and network signals such as Wifi, Bluetooth, IP address etc. This feature can only be sued if the user gives the application permission to use this information.

4. Application Caches

This feature allows you to store web apps (like e-mails) and access it without having to connect with the internet. Google gears (helps you access Gmail offline) is an implementation of HTML 5 codes for Applications Cache.

5. Hyper-Threading for Web browsers

With this feature, separate background threads can be used for processing without affecting the performance of a webpage. This is extremely useful for applications with rely on heavy scripts to perform such functions

The above mentioned features of HTML 5 (and the rest) have compatibility issues with some browsers (IE specifically). HTML 5 is still in its development phase and certain features haven’t been fully defined. Nevertheless, it is still very useful with the extra features it offers as compared to its previous features.

There is much more to come in HTML 5 but for now these are certain features that will definitely help designers and developers.

It’s been over ten years since the words Web 2.0 were uttered*, yet in spite of the Internet’s rapid evolution, some things remain resolutely grounded in the past. Though these days websites are almost as likely to be viewed on a conventional computer screen as a mobile device, their content has to struggle with the constraints of yesterday’s ideas and technologies.

This presents a challenge to all webmasters, whether they’re setting out to make a website for the 1st or 101st time, especially since competing interests tend to slow the adoption of new web standards. Fortunately, there are ways to get around waiting and to start taking advantage of new stuff before it comes out.

Online video is a case in point: it’s been around for an awfully long time, but still isn’t a part of the standards that drive websites. The HTML code behind every website has always coped well with words and pictures, but remains oblivious to movies.

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