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Hunting Season Declared! Web 2.0 Premium Company Recruiting Ground For “Generation Y”

This is not some new marketing fluff or propaganda to get companies involved in social networks. Social networks provide a rewarding environment for companies to connect with great talent before they hit the payroll. Companies using viral content in social networks will be the first to get Gen Y’s attention and the pick of the talent crop. In the Web 2.0 world creativity, content and community rule and companies need to dance to the new beat.

Before Web 2.0 and social media networking companies used their websites and job boards to attract and recruit talent. Many were ignorant to social sites crammed with some of the best corporate talent and suffered the penalty. Until now.

Social networks house large, precious databases have massive popularity and very low implementation costs. But the swing to Web 2.0 technologies by corporations has been painfully slow, even though it makes sense to use to these sites for their next corporate hire and lunacy to ignore them.

Gen Y, the early adopters of social media networking, are now 88 million strong. Neglecting, even throwing away opportunities to get the best talent money can buy without paying ludicrous hiring or transfer fees is counter intuitive.

Companies wanting top candidates to join their ranks should advance recklessly towards Web 2.0 strategies, embrace social networks and grab hold of the wealth of talent roaming the landscape. And it’s absolutely free.

Positioning themselves where their potential employees spend time and learning the local language is a necessity. Anything else defies common sense and would be a mistake. That means developing and exploiting links in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or blogs. It also means becoming social media literate, understanding Gen Y’s recruiting goals, being generous with time and information and participating in a meaningful way. Just getting social network accounts not only isn’t enough in fact it would look trivial and shallow. If companies want Gen Y to arouse interest in them they need to be active.

Company pages in Facebook pages and Twitter accounts should bring companies to life. This should include videos of employees being transparent about their daily corporate lives, their failures, successes and eccentricities. More like in-house diaries and less like scripted advertisements. The best way to connect with Gen Y is by engaging in conversations already happening online.

Web 2.0 and social media networking have blasted the doors wide open for companies to get creative. People want more than ever to connect with others with the same values and interests. Even in the current downturn talent still needs to be won. Web 2.0 is the perfect place to meet without putting resumes or reputations on the line. 

It’s not a trick. Becoming peers through social networks is an unexpected and invaluable way to connect to elite talent. Companies with viral videos and ripping good content for Gen Y will get their attention and will work for them. In this new digital frontier, creativity, content and community will triumph.

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