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Importance Of Becoming A YouTube Member

Are you one of the million individuals who enjoys visiting YouTube on a daily basis due to the fun and entertaining videos?  YouTube is a video sharing website, but it is also an online community as well.  For members of YouTube it is considered to be one of the best social networking sites on the web.  

Many individuals are hesitant about interacting with other internet users due to security issues, but sites such as YouTube helps take some of the dangers away.  Of course, YouTube does advise their members to be cautious in what they display, but it is still more than a safe environment for individuals to have a good time interacting with others.

One of the most popular groups located on YouTube is the funny videos, which members can have requested to be displayed within the funny video group.  You also have the ability to have some of your favorite videos posted within this group as well by simply being part of the YouTube community.

The YouTube community gives individuals access to a large variety of videos as well as an opportunity to have discussions with other members who have the same interest.  If you are interested in joining a particular group, then simply click the “Community,” tab located at the top of the YouTube homepage, then select from the growing list of community groups available on YouTube.

Under each individual group will be a discussion section, which is similar to an online message board where you are allowed to post your very own messages as well as respond to messages left by other members of the YouTube community.  The YouTube community is beneficial as it matches you with other individuals who have the same interest in entertainment as you do in which you can discuss the same subject.

YouTube allows its members to interact with other members through its TestTube section, which is located at the bottom of the YouTube page.  The TestTube section is a work in progress at the moment, but it is designed to let viewers watching the same videos have discussions on that video, which is similar to an online chat room.

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