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Internet, Video, and Mobile Advertising as Part of the Six Principles of Persuasion

Marketing encompasses a wide range of methods. Nowadays, the likes of Internet, video, and mobile marketing have revolutionized how companies promote their goods and services, efficiently reaching all kinds of customers. Advertising follows six important principles on persuasion, the brainchild of Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, an American psychologist.


According to Dr. Cialdini, people have the natural tendency to return favors. In advertising, this is mirrored by the totally free sample technique, wherein customers who get a free testing of an item will have higher chances of purchasing the product. The social expectation of equally responding and kindly returning benefits is a strategy a lot of marketing specialists make the most of.

Commitment and Consistency

This tackles the observed behavioral patterns of people who get into a commitment and honoring it with consistency. Customers who sign up prior to a buy have a tendency to finalize the deal or purchase the item or service merely largely because of the initial commitment that they have formed. In Internet advertising, this principle is applied by utilizing online sign-up sheets and questionnaires that collect a number of potential consumers.

Social Proof

This persuasion principle highlights people’s tendency to imitate the actions of other individuals. This actually is also referred to as conformity, a preferred subject in psychology. A successful product or service promotion speaks for itself; consumers will naturally follow what their friends or family members use and patronize.

@Together with the principle of social proof comes the principle of authority. Persuasion is successful if it is executed by influential people in position. This occurrence is significantly evident in politics. In advertising, a good technique is through uploading a video in an online video platform that presents an authoritative figure, say a politician or a well-respected journalist.


Not only do individuals imitate the actions of those in authority; they also pattern their behaviors with that of individuals they look up to. Physical attractiveness is one important factor in this principle of persuasion, hence the advertisements featuring stunning celebrities and models enchantingly promoting all kinds of goods and services. There are businesses that make use of a video sharing platform and upload videos of well-loved celebrities, guaranteed to increase sales.


This persuasion principle targets the natural craving of people triggered by a specific lack. A good example of this is the “limited time only” strategy, wherein customers are given a specific period to purchase a product or avail of a service. In mobile advertising, a mobile video platform can offer free mobile video streaming to get a specific period.

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