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Is Html5 The End Of Psd To Html Conversion?

PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most popular and preferred ways of getting a feature rich and well functioning website. A website cant be launched in a browser unless PSD is converted to HTML. A PSD design is incomplete and is not compatible on web. It needs to be converted into a suitable markup to make it web compatible. However, with the introduction of HTML5, the importance of PSD to HTML has been questioned. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and is strongly supported by Apple, Opera, Mozilla and Microsoft etc. This means HTML5 is fast becoming the mainstream of Internet. So, does that mean that HTML5 is the end of PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion?

Some peculiar features of HTML5 are backward compatibility and powerful error handling. This means that websites written in previous versions of HTML/CSS will not require an urgent update to be correctly displayed. So, is the traditional PSD to CSS/HTML conversion going to lose its importance? HTML5 has some wonderful features like it does not require a strict W3C validity. With HTML5, the role of professional PSD to HTML services is going to increase. This is because backward compatibility and powerful error handling does not mean any support towards unformatted and unstructured, hard to understand XHTML/CSS code.

HTML5 emphasizes on semantics and document structure and has introduced a number of new ”semantic” tags. This is to make Internet more understandable and transparent for both people and search engine tools. This provides very important benefit to website owners, that is, the more correct search engines asses a website, the higher ranking a website gets. Thus it becomes more visible to target audience.

When it comes to best XHTML/CSS coding practices and web standards, this has been and will remain the forte of professional PSD design to HTML conversion services. And with the introduction of HTML5 this role has been strengthened further. This is the reason why HTML5 will strongly influence the PSD to HTML services. It will also help to stimulate a new level of understanding of web semantics, HTML/CSS technical expertise, usability and look of a site. It will also lead to stronger specialization of PSD to HTML conversion companies.

Only time will tell whether HTML5 will bring the end of PSD to HTML conversion or a beginning of new PSD to HTML5 services. Until then it is better to take full advantages of PSD to HTML services for website development.

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