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Marketing As a Sport

As my son wraps up his 12 year old Little League season I began to see similarities between baseball and internet marketing.

1. Failure
While we all hate to fail, it is an essential part of sports and particularly baseball. A .300 average gets you in the Hall of Fame (no steroids) but a .200 average sends you out of the league. So you fail 7 out of 10 times and you are a hero and you fail 8 out of 10 times you are a goat. Both fail most of the time but but one more hit and you are successful. Interesting.

2. Practice
What makes a successful hitter? Swings and how many one takes a day. Many major league players take 250 to 300 swings a day. Now just swinging the bat may help a little but the hitter needs to work on the proper technique for a great swing. Do the reps get the results.

3. Coaching

Every player has one from the Majors right down to the first time they swing a bat with a parent. Can great coaching produce results? I believe it starts early. Start with bad fundamentals and they become harder and harder to break when the player gets older. Next is the player “coachable?” If the player believes he knows it all it will be very hard to make progress with him. Lastly, as the player gets older the player must identify and have a respect and amicable relationship with the coach. This is mutual so both can learn and assist one another with the desired outcome.

So how does this relate to network marketing?

Your marketing methods are like swings. You must get them every day. What separates the millionare dollar producer from the average producer? Consistent swings. If you use facebook you must be there daily. If you use Adwords you must optimize daily and weekly. If you write articles you must churn them out. Twitter- tweet tweet tweet. With the swings comes the leads/hits. More leads more success.

Next your coach/sponsor must help you with these methods when you begin because bad habits produce bad results. Ask your coach/sponsor if you are marketing correctly. If they won’t help find a proven coach and hire them. Get in the game!

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Tom Jordan
M3 Master Consultant