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Mini Video Recorder with Three MP Camera at Ankaka

Mini Video Recorder with Three MP Camera

Video camera helps us to record the beautiful moment of our life. Without the help of a video camera, you will lose all your precious moments. Before the invention of high- quality video camera, photographs were the only mean to recollect our happy events. However, after the invention of it, we are reluctant to take photographs, as they are still pictures. Technology is giving us different things every day and mini video camera is one of them.

This super slim video recorder is capable enough to record video as well as monitoring different occasions like marriage ceremony, sports etc. The entire body of this video recorderis alloy jacketed. Your recorded video will be saved in avi format, as this format is easy to upload or view. The most important feature of this camera is its voice activation. When it will hear any voice, it will start working automatically without any order. Therefore, you can record video without staying closer to this voice-activated video camera.

Before buying a video camera, you should acquire proper knowledge of its lens and zooming function. This multi-functional video camera has a built -in CMOS lens. These lenses are well- known for their quality photography and video recording. This will also enable you to capture a well-focused and sharp video easily. Before using this special video recorder, you have to charge it up fully. If you charge this for two hours, it will give you long working hours with some excellent videos. Once you have charged it, you are ready to use it. Voice activation mood can remain standby up to 500 hours. Now, you are wondering about the battery. 260mah lithium battery is used in it to ensure the activity of this thin video recorder for a longer period. While you are charging, be careful about the amount of currents, as it cannot take more than140ma.If you apply more current, it can make your desired video camera damaged. You can apply up to 3.7V to this video camera.

This fantastic video camera remains operational up to a large amount of humidity, which ensures you about the power of this. To record your video, you can use a memory card in it. You will be shocked to know that you can use up to the 32GB memory card in it. Its large capacity will make you feel free and you can take video as much as you can. You can use this video recorder with windows XP, vista, windows 7 etc.
However, you have to use this product very carefully. You have to keep your precious video recorder in such a place where children are unable to reach. They are the great threat for this camera. You are not able to keep this in a very hot or in a cool place; it may decrease the power of the battery.

You will also get one adopter, one CD, 1 car charger, 1 USB cable and a camera stand with the full package of this exciting featured camera.

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