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Ntg – Html5 Application Development

The HTML5 development is a continuing effort of many software developers and other industries related to technology in order to revise the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). The HTML is the main language being utilized by the World Wide Web. The development of the HTML5 was spearheaded by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) in 2004. Two of the well-known application developers David Hyatt of Apple and Ian Hickson of Google are among the editors of the HTML revision.

The developers of the HTML5 are working closely together in order for them to achieve the completion of this project by 2022; that is the latest time that they will be working for it. Complex understanding between various ideas, thoughts, and opinions is the driving force between the group. As of the moment, they already have a stable specification for HTML5 and there are already several programs running on it.

The goal of HTML 5 application development is to have a workable open source platform that can be utilized in any browser applications throughout the World Wide Web. Multiple vendors are expected to contribute their ideas and development of the new applications. Some of the programs that might become obsolete once the HTML5 is launched include Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, and JavaFX. HTML5 is already the complete package since it incorporates browser applications and streaming video capabilities together.

In several browsers namely Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, and Firefox 3.5, the HTML5 is already being integrated. Some of its elements are already in them. For example in the older versions of the Firefox and Microsoft Explorer, you cannot easily view the videos that you see online if you do not have Java or Flash installed in your computer. Before you can finally watch them, you have to download and install a copy. But with HTML5, once you visited video-streaming sites, you will not be prompted anymore to choose a program to play your video. Instead, you just wait for the buffering to finish then you can enjoy watching in your computer.

Another feature that is already incorporated to the newest versions of the browsers include the Canvas, the 2-D browser based graphics feature invented by Apple. You can easily access it through the Opera Software’s new browser. As a matter of fact, Opera already has plans of implementing the features of HTML5 in its browser to enhance their video capabilities.

Just like in other projects that are still underway, the HTML5 still has its own fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Looking at the projected timeline, it goes to show that the HTML5 is a very complicated undertaking that all key players in the industry must partake. They need to focus their full attention in order to create a flawless application that will benefit a lot of users, especially the technology-savvy people. Potential problems are to be expected of course.

The HTML5 application development shows that technology still has a lot of things to offer. If you think that you have seen it all – android phones, smart phones, tablet computers, and more – then you still have a lot of things to look forward to. People are not yet able to crack the whole personality of technology; many things are still in store for all.

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