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Online Video Conferencing Software

Online video conferencing is a huge business, and it is hardly surprising considering the huge value it holds for any business or individual.


For many years meetings and conferencing has played a big part in any business development, large or small. Normally held in a company office for the smaller meetings, but very normal to hire a venue for the larger corporate companies where the number of attendees can go into many thousands. This is not always practical now, with the current economic climate. Companies really do need to drastically save money and cut costs where ever they can.


Online conferencing software is perfect for this. Instead of eating into a huge chunk of the companies budget, they can easily using online conferencing to cut their costs to an extreme minimal. Technology is now so advanced that it allows us to come together online in a streamlined fashion for true global communication. Full way video conferencing streamed live from a server can deliver a very unique experience, giving everybody with an Internet connection the opportunity to take part.


So all this being said, how does a company choose the right package for them. After all, there are lots of things which can take place at a conventional meeting, and the number of attendees may grow over time. Not to mention the fact that everybody has different Internet connections, speeds, and operating systems.


So what is the best way to decide what package is right. I think it is fairly obvious that all of the issues above need to be addressed. I mean, its no good holding a conference if only half of the attendees can login.


Its ok, because I am going to guide you briefly with what I suggest you look for when choosing a video conference provider. I think the best place to start is with the budget and so golden rule number one is to choose a conference provider who charges per room and not per seat. Choosing one which charges per seat can become very costly and eliminates the whole purpose of trying to cut costs in the first place. Next you need to choose a conference provider which does not require you or your attendees to download. You need one which streams a conference room live from a high speed server. Doing this will eliminate cross compatibility issues with operating systems. These two pointers are probably the most important for you to follow to truly warrant your move to the online conferencing arena. After all cutting costs and being able to access the conference easily is very important.


Finally is the features which the provider currently supports. To get the best from your investment and experience you really should settle for a package which offers you the most functions and features. A combination of features gives you the use of tools such as desktop sharing, browser sharing, whiteboard sharing, file sharing, whiteboard sharing, PowerPoint sharing, full way text chat, full way video chat, multiple moderators, record function. These are probably the best features you will come across, and combined can give you a very powerful global communication tool.


I hope you see value in my guide. In following this you will find that you will choose the correct video conferencing provider and package for you and your business.

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