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People’s Daily Digital Edition charging? !

Always been low-key press to act “big brother” would make many readers feel “incredible.” People’s Daily, also short of money

Do? This is not suicidal it?

Both omnipresent network of assessment or the attitude of scholars, few were optimistic about the practice of the People’s Daily.

Then, People’s Daily, why is this so?

Online for almost one-sided statements, the People’s Daily yesterday made the response, but deliberately kept a low profile.

What is behind this logic? Wonderful view Daily charges for digital edition

attempt should be affirmed, for now, People’s Daily digital version of the charges, it is for specific groups, such as hard copy in the People’s Daily Overseas readers can not buy, and the reliance on young readers to read the Internet. Daily readers from the current structure of view, this fee will not be much reading groups also.

?? Beijing Network Min Dahong Media Association

From the profit model, the traditional media, new media is a difficult business, but somebody has to explore. Whether successful or not, the People’s Daily to do this would inevitably lead to a high degree of attention of foreign trade and a strong response. Made, and to enhance the authority of the traditional media business value of new media. ??? Guangdong Province to Hong Kong Journalists Association President Fan Kam

Some people worry that the loss figures reported that charges would have the readers, in my view on the existing number of newspaper readers pay for the possible formation of a cumulative effect, but help to improve the reader’s sense of belonging and loyalty. Because you provide the information and services more distinctive, more able to attract readers who have unique needs. ??? Jinan University journalism department head Zhang promotion

Daily Pingsha fees? Have economic considerations, but more is to explore the way

Accordance with the relevant plan, a number of paper media in the future there may no longer be issued in paper form, but rather to Electronic Release version of the form. People’s Daily, the current practice to have a means to explore inside.

“24 yuan per month, this newspaper, and set about, someone will see it?” Mr Cheung said that since the People’s Daily is somewhat like never before way.

Zhang is a university in Guangzhou, the teachers, because the relationship between academic research, he often read by People’s Daily Renmin digital version. But now, he decided to go to the library to see the People’s Daily paper.

His little charges can not accept electronic versions of newspapers, the reality, though long accustomed to the Teacher Chang journal database fees, and expensive.

Digital version of Daily Show notice fee: January 1st, 2010 figures from the People’s Daily reported on service charges, fees, there are three modes: 24 yuan per month; half of 128; the year 198. Readers online payment, bank transfer and postal money 3 ways to pay. But before the Fourth Edition is still free, People’s Daily also published an important and timely content.

Nanfang Daily reporter interviewed on the charges of the head of the People’s Daily, the official said, that is, within the People’s Daily, on the charging issue with this kind of argument, but in the end we decided to walk, see a look.

Digital version of the People’s Daily yesterday responded to charges, fees and charges are mainly from the electronic version of newspaper network integration and protection of intellectual property point of view to consider.

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