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Predict of 2011 Social Media Marketing Trends

Forecasting 2011 social media trends, below is content summary:

1. YouTube video advertising conversion beat yahoo – enhancement

YouTube is global English world’s second-largest search engines. Yes. In the search on the market, the share of YouTube than yahoo is bigger.

To Zappos as an example, the United States very well-known Internet shoe store in its sales page increased on some model took the shoes to the show simple video, will website conversion (understandable for visitors to the consumer conversion) increased from 6 percent to 30 percent.

When I see my new book propaganda on YouTube video traffic source, I found The biggest visitors source is not my blog, but The Huffington Post. This is because I had earlier will book propaganda video and text content tailored to The Huffington Post on two years ago launched specializing in Books of RACES: same Huffington Post.

Because accurate positioning, organize proper, this paragraph of 50 seconds video made remarkable effect, make my new book in the amazon ranking immediately from about 150 easing the first 30, now in the ranking all the books keep in the fourth. We use the sales RankForest ranking statistical tool to track the sudden change.

The length of the video will be set at 50 seconds after careful consideration, and later I was in YouTube for advertising will edit it into 30 seconds long.

My faith YouTube video frequency more than 63 million hits at least 30% from search or recommend. By presenting the video, especially on YouTube, you can open a new share channels with English world’s largest iwom platforms connecting up.

2. Email full rehabilitation
In the United States Groupon mailing list in the number of 15 million, (the company said if plus international market, this number will be more than 30 million). This strongly proves the users receive allow email marketing value will be up to 6 million dollars.

Compared with social media function, email address is more secure long-term investments. Think of those companies MySpace page for 2007 would put ads. Even on Facebook, you give fans by the direct information is classified to the inbox second column, hardly the person can see. Don’t worry about this would happen in email marketing. At least for 20-35 people speaking, their physical address change more frequently than E-mail address.

Clever marketers will according to the email address whole life cycle of the value (or a certain time, such as six months for the retail value) “social media” subscribe budgets.

A large retailers after calculated that a mail subscription every year for its bring an income of $ 20. With this data, this retailers to:

Judging by the new – through the email address can offer returns, and easy to determine whether held competition or lottery, etc.

Calculate the company which aspects — increased spending to expand its mailing list.

Some, like the company can Intelligence involved by so-called “common registration” (co – regs) and get CPA pay (CPA: every action costs). Common examples: in your registered NYTimes. Com registered account, can appear suggests “free no.4 was Magazine!” . Some companies would be willing to pay for it, because they know from magazines whole life cycle of the value view, or in profit.

The above retailers quantified email subscribers value after, company can in less than eight months time to subscribe to the number of users, doubled. These most of the growth is not due to increased early investment, but with some methods will existing resources, transfer, and the calculated value of E-mail users before, is impossible to use these methods.

Aaron Ray of film “mysterious community” in the “free group” adopted the same strategy (the main several act, he also took the name). He reckons that the club can sell how many tickets, from the number and E-mail list can be downloaded on Facebook Twitter on how many additional and traffic. This kind of practice is very important, for two reasons: 1) for precise revenue/sales/view shadow number to provide basis for 2) predict as return on investment index confirmation and growth relative should investment.

Sale activity also applies. For example, even if Groupon on every transaction is extremely thin, profits of retailers (whether online clever or offline) can still by setting up a special form get E-mail address, for each transaction increased more than 20 dollars income.

As long as the statistics proper, many companies can “free” giving products. But most companies have no, so we look at 3 PM.

3. Large companies will continue in popularity indicators on wasting money

“Action” index and “popularity” index is different. Just because competitors became Foursquare user does not mean you have to follow suit. The reasonable? Of course, but you should count the number — valuable Numbers. Exposure, pages viewed, and such as “participation” wait for uncertain item, these figures in the best case can be the toughest with competitors, the worst cases are meaningless. Some social media consultancy company definition of successful index is very reasonable (occasionally also include “participation”), but pay attention to the index is not reasonable service providers. Remember, those in the gold rush get rich, but not sell gold prospectors those tools. Apple no abjectively Facebook update, Steve Jobs also don’t worry catch hair bowen. Apple do well, just as many silently concentrate on their best things like the other company.

“Action” not expensive. SlideShare (a professional slides storage and demonstration site, is also the world’s biggest slides share community) and WordPress blogs (personal information release platform) are free, the former hit into the latter’s sales, less than 12 hours after, I at amazon sold more than 4,000 book on. If your monthly cost more than $ 5,000 to search for the truth, please ensure that you obtain by data is available action, at least we can and sales associate.
Many social media are traceable, although some worthless things.

4. Advertising and topics will affect different conversion rate
I remember once from San Francisco airport bound for San Francisco when see a Zynga city (social game company, founded in June 2007) billboard no slogan. I and engaged in financing and IPO business passengers joked: “I don’t know what it is to sell to who.”

He smiled, so answer: “the elder brothers, it is not for end users, but in order to attract from the San Francisco international airport drive to the city bankers.”

Remember, advertising schedule is diversified. American apparel many the most famous advertising in unknown place, or in the user group website large-scale issued for a short time. However, some blog think those ads very interesting, then writing reports, so they into public view.

In that case, the media is directly audience, and the public only indirectly audience. The influence of the advertisement then spread to the public, but they are not the first goal. There is a good way to test whether can become advertising can subject: if stop advertising, people will notice? Di impossible to give the answer.

This is why advertisers should start monitoring people to advertise content comments, then find out to the tracking and measuring method of its value. You need from the general situation, realized sometimes negative evaluation is good thing (it means people to advertising not indifferent).

Have transgressed the third point of action index laws? Not at all. This is another kind of feedback loop, and very easily measured, whether media detailed mentioned (including blog) ads, or product development influence.

To develop products, with internal to release from amazon response began “reverse operations”, i.e., from known intention audience reactions or respond to start to advertising design information – or product — from there reverse. Google also USES this way, not in chronological order issued and geographic location arrangement of Google news, after the user’s request, the response in chronological order in a news release. For two modes is excellent or worse, Google internal debate is intense, they leave the decision to the market.

“Listen” is not enough. Tracking Twitter on mentioned quantity stated nothing. The more the key issue is: we want to do what? How are we going to digest and use this data?

If you are caught that, so in the competition winner was do-or-die matter. Opponents will busy after the latest Internet service providers.

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