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Qnap Ip Network Video Recorder

Background information

For many years now, residents and business owners have been suffering due to loss of items or break ins into homes or business premises. This has cost them so much money in repairs and the loss is unmatched. This is because there is no proper way they can protect their homes or businesses.

One thing that makes this whole situation worse is the fact that those who make away with valuables from personal houses or business premises are scot free to enjoy the loot. With the current technologies in the world and advancement of information technology, the insecurity menace in homes, business premises and even on the streets will have to come to stop because of the new device in the market. The QNAP IP Network video recorder is a feature in the QNAP VS 4016U-RP Pro VioStor NVR 16 Channel 8TB Dual core device that is used for surveillance.

QNAP VS 4016U-RP Pro VioStor NVR 16 Channel 8TB Dual

This new generation device is a 1U rackmout model of the vast network surveillance system that provides high and quality mega pixels that are used in recording various events simultaneously. This device is able to work all through the week as long as its performance in recording is not interfered with.

One good thing is that this device supports more than 300 network models of camera from popular known brands such as Axis, ACTi, Canon, Cisco, Messoa, Sony, Sanyo, and Toshiba among others. It has a large memory of up to 1GB DDRII. It has a unique multi-server monitoiring that serves about 120 channels monitored from the multiple QNAP NVR servers. This VioStor 4016U NVR has 4 SATA hard drives that are able to provide storage capacity of up to 8TB.

General Features

If you have this device in your home or business, then you are assured of complete network surveillance in form of recording, remote data access and real time monitoring. In the MPEG4, MJPEG and the MxPEG video compressions, this device is able to support up to 16 channels that use mega pixel recording.
Another notable feature of this surveillance device is that it has diversified recording features which include video search. This video search is enabled by the intelligent video analytics like missing object, motion detection, camera occlusion, out of focus, foreign object among others. You can also select to view various channels or the IP camera using different display modes. You can also decide to drag and drop to change the available display order that is used in the channels flexibly.

Intelligent Features

Other intelligent feature of this NVR is that PTZ cameras can be smart controlled. You can zoom the object to the desired level for good viewing. There is also an instant alarm alert and that you can be able to search for any given data using time and date, event or timeline. All these functions can be configured using the IE web browser.

With all these features, you are assured of secures homes, working environments and safe streets. These devices are easily available in the market and you can also purchase them online at an affordable rate.

QNAP IP Network Video Recorders are a great way of keeping an eye on your home or office when you are out of town. You can purchase QNAP VS-4016 PRO, one of the best selling devices by following the link.

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