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Share Flip Video ? Share Flip Videos On Your Own Website On Mac Os

Share flip video on your own website. http://www.flip-converter.com/articles/share-flip-video-on-your-website/ When you take some cool videos with your flip cameras and you want to share flip video with other people online, you will need to upload flip video to web. The Flipshare software offers the solution to direct uploading flip video to YouTube and other websites; however, you will have to live with the size limit and the lack of customization of your videos. How about uploading flip videos to your own website with any quality and flexible customization to share them with your customers, friends and Family? Part One: Convert flip video to Flash on Mac Flash files are widely used by most major video sharing sites because Flash files are of high compression yet small sizes with high quality and easy streaming. If you have your own website, you can freely and perfectly share your flip videos with any video quality and highly customizable flash player skins etc. Flip videos are usually in MP4 or AVI format, therefore, to share flip video on your own website, you need to convert flip video to Flash and then upload. To do this, you can download Doremisoft Mac Video to Flash Converter and convert flip video to Flash on Mac by the following easy steps: http://www.flip-converter.com/articles/burn-flip-to-dvd-on-mac/ 1.Add flip video files Click on the “Add File” button to add your flip videos to this program. 2.Edit flip videos Click on the “Edit” button, you will see the Edit window where you can crop your flip videos, edit video brightness, contrast and saturation and apply special video effects such as grey, emboss and old film. 3.Trim flip videos If you just want one or more parts from a flip video, you can click the “Clip” button to trim your flip videos. 4.Customize flip video Click on the Customized button and you can customize each flip video in three steps: Step 1: Setting video and audio parameters. You can set the parameters according to the requirements of your website. Step 2: Click on “Next” and you will see a window where you can check what and how you want to create your Flash files. We recommend that you just use the default selections. Step 3: Click on “Next” to enter the Player window. Here you can select and flexibly edit Flash players for each added video. 5.After you are done with “Customize”, now, just click on the “Start” button. It may take a while depending on the total size of the files you are converting. You can just relax and wait till the conversion is done. Tip : Merge flip videos If you want to merge the selected videos into one video, select these videos by holding down the “command” key and clicking on each of them, and then click the “Merge” button.

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