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Share Your Memorable Moments Through Video Sharing Portal

Share Your Memorable Moments Through Video Sharing Portal

The world is being termed as “global village” in 21st century due to the advancement of technology. It has led to many interesting features and one of them is video sharing. Video sharing has become a common phenomenon due to increasing interest of people. Video Sharing Portal means the place of sharing the videos or clips on a single platform, i.e. websites. For example you tube, which is a website for sharing the videos and clips. Most of these websites offer services free of charges, but there are some, which charge their price for its operation.

Share Your Memorable Moments Through Video Sharing Portal

These websites are categories into very different classifications as user generated video sharing websites, video sharing platforms also known as white label providers and web based video editing.

Share Your Memorable Moments Through Video Sharing Portal

Every website has its own limits and restrictions.  There are some, which do not allow the nudity type of videos to upload; some websites check the whole content before making it available to the public and some websites make restrictions to the file size, format, duration and subject matter etc. almost every website has its own standards and requirements to permit the video to be uploaded. Then these websites allow its users to not only enjoy the videos but registered users can also like, dislike and can make comments to the video. The examples of such Video Sharing Portal are youtube, Mega video, MyTipGlass and Veoh; these portals play the video in FLV format.

Share Your Memorable Moments Through Video Sharing Portal

Video sharing communities earn a lot of profit as their usage is increasing massively day by day. Like youtube earns almost millions of dollar per year through its million of users. After the emergence of youtube, many other video sharing portals has come to existence and attracting the viewers like Veoh and Tudou.

There are white label providers, which sells the technology to the other websites, these are user generated video sharing. In some cases the brand name of host website and the original website both are shown, for commercial purposes. Other portals include Enterprise video hosting providers, Web-based video editing, and Open source video sharing.

The main benefit of the Video Sharing Portal is that they display quality video in no times. Unlike the video downloading, which take a lot of time and disk space, video sharing portals are very quick and very easy to use. It also provides the facility of displaying a video on the other website like Facebook, by establishing a link or by just simple clicking allows the video to be uploaded on the other website as well. These are video embedding features. It has also opened a new way of “video blogging” as well.

Other facilities of b includes group formation, group discussions, membership facility, unlimited e-mail accounts, 24 hours monitoring, photo gallery and subscription to “newsletter” facility, any online internet user can enjoy these videos as soon as it is being uploaded on a video sharing website. It is simplest in use, as one only has to go to the specific Video Sharing Portal give the appropriate key words, and enjoy the video which ever he wants.

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