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Telemarketing Lead Generation and various other Direct Marketing Services

Promotional advertising makes it easier to reach possible clients and invite them to your corporate event, however it is not enough. You should not overlook traditional direct marketing services when making your company’s advertising campaign. Direct advertising models continue to be as effective today as they were years ago. You’ll get better results when you address customers directly.

Make yourself familiar with traditional direct advertising models you might like to use. A company offering professional direct marketing services will aid you to execute your marketing plan flawlessly. You could increase your responses significantly using the following methods.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

Probably the most difficult component of traditional direct marketing is gathering fresh contacts. The Net makes it easier to make your data available to the widest audience. Not everybody will check their emails, though. You have to use Web marketing strategies with traditional advertising strategies to obtain the most desirable results.

Using telemarketing for lead generation purposes increases your response. You will observe up to 30% increase in registrations for your own event. Following up regularly on these registered participants gives you no less than 60% increase in your attendance rate. Keep in mind that your sales prospects increase when you convince more people to visit your company event.

People reply more to telemarketing since they speak to your company’s representative directly. They are able to make inquiries and make clarifications then and there, which will help them make more informed decisions. They will be more responsive to providing more information when you have built trust.  Telemarketing lead generation is an excellent method to start building your contacts.

Direct Mail Promotion

Sending hard copies of the promotions is one other method professional direct marketing services provide. Brochures, informative newsletters, posters and invites to your own events are a few illustrations of materials you’ll be able to send potential customers via direct mail. These contacts could be from your very own provider’s research, your existing subsciber lists, or coming from the telemarketing lead generation campaign.

Direct mail is effective given that your target customers will have something tangible to use as reference. These materials will serve as a constant reminder of your own brand, your merchandise and services. It is also much harder to ignore these packages as soon as they are there. This is as compared to email promotions, that you can easily overlook with a mouse click.

Direct Selling

Of all the direct marketing services, direct selling is the one you’ll be most aware of. You can see it everywhere you go – inside the malls, around the streets, even in your own home. You are going to promote then sell your goods and services to potential clients face-to-face. You may do this directly by approaching each and every consumer individually or visiting their homes. More companies choose the indirect way, where they will either display their products in business conferences and company-sponsored events or they present their products at public markets and wait around for clients to approach.

It’s effective since your potential prospects are able to see whatever you offer. They will inspect your merchandise thoroughly or inquire about the services you provide directly without the need to go through a representative. You can tell people what your brand is mostly about more accurately than any representative.

Keep in mind that no marketing strategy works on its own. Combine these traditional advertising models with modern Web marketing methods. You will see your sales prospects increase over time.


Sabrina Lopez works for a company offering telemarketing lead generation and direct marketing services.