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The Basics Of Viral Marketing

With any web-based business the competition can be quite ruthless.  As a result, any type of marketing method must be utilized to its full capacity in order for the business to be successful.  There are a number of methods used by e-commerce sites to boost the volume of traffic as well as popularity ratings, but the most popular is known as viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a marketing campaign that spreads on its own free will.  Web-based businesses will use various forms of media to promote their product or business such as addictive flash games, entertaining videos, informative information, newsletter with discounts, hilarious cartoon and jokes as means to be individuals hooked into passing along their message on their own.

The basic concept of viral marketing is that individuals like the content of the message in which they have received so much that they eagerly pass it on to others freely.  However, attached to messages is your web-based business’s brand or logo as well as a link to your website and perhaps a description of a product, which will help promote the company.

Recently, viral marketing campaigns have become the most popular types of advertising and marketing methods due to their low cost.  In order to prevent being marked as spam mail, messages are only sent out one or two at a time and web-based business rely on the eagerness of the recipient to pass the message on to others.  

As a result, when another person sees the name of an individual they know as the sender, then they are less likely to block the message and much more likely to open it up and read it.  Some web-based companies will even offer special incentives such as rebates or special discounts for customers who aid in spreading their viral marketing messages.

The biggest advantage of viral marketing campaign is that the web-based business is able to get plenty of free publicity, which in turn can generate a flow of traffic to their website.

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