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The Best Relaxing Guitar Music | Atmospheric Indie Acoustic Folk – Background music for video.

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This video explains why motors are rated in kW and not in kVA. The same logic discussed in this video can also be applied to generators and transformers to understand why they are rated in kVA and not kW.

All equations given in the video are for single phase circuits only.


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Why are motors rated in kW and kVA?

The motor can be assumed to be the final load in the electrical system. Because the type of load is known, the power factor value can also be calculated. If the power factor is known, then it is possible to give the motor a rating in kW. The below equation shows why power factor is required to calculate kW:

kVA x p.f. = kW

For generators and transformers, the power factor is not known and thus it is not possible to rate transformers or generators in kW, which is why they are rated in kVA.


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