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The Differences between HDD Media Player and DVD Player

There are some differences between HDD media player and DVD player. HDD media player has its stability. Because of the long using life, you do not need to worry that the movie or song cannot be played. But For DVD player, if you frequently play DVD disc, the laser head will be damaged. And using DVD players, you should purchase discs, if the disc quality is bad, they cannot be showed on the screen. But HDD media player gets their data from the network; you do not need to pay for it. What is more, you can use your computer to preview.

HDD media player has scientific search function, so you can watch and browse with high speed. What you want to see you can see, so it can save tremendous time for you. Both for home shows and for playing, it is very convenient and flexible. In addition, it has small size. You can enjoy at home or travel with it. You can choose any way to use it as you like. But DVD player is bulky. It is very inconvenient to carry.

You can put any content on your HDD media player for your convenience; you can save a long movie, and then delete it when you do not want to watch it. When you get new movie, you can enter in time. Even long TV series, you can also put into your player simply and watch it at anywhere. You can play it on television or in your car as it overcomes the troubles caused by the traditional disc players. The common DVD player cannot stand the bad road conditions. But car HDD media player can support many functions such as Karaoke function, radio function and GPS plug interface. When you use it for long distance entertainment, you also can blend advertising subtitles.

Some of the HDD media players have recording capabilities. You can record TV programme in a timely manner. And also you can plug all kinds of cameras including wireless cameras and wired cameras. It supports many formats such as RM, RMVB, MKV, FLV and H264. The current HDD media player has built-in hard disk drive functionality. Also it has small size; you can use it as mobile hard disk. HDD media player can also plug SD cards and other types of common cards. You can plug your digital camera card into it to play video pictures on TV.

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